LV Monogram VS Damier.. fakes..

  1. What is more fake`d.. Monogram or Damier?
    I'd assume Monogram since it's the more desired logo.. but is damier fake`d a lot? Or is it something thats hard to fake..

    or if you were to see someone carry a damier purse would you assume its real off the bat?
  2. They fake both of them, but there are definitely more of the Mono fakes because it's more recognizable.
  3. Monogram Canvas is the print that's mostly faked.

    But why should we put any importance as to what is faked at all? Let's just enjoy our authentic bags and try to pretend fakes don't exist. ;)
  4. Mono is faked more
  5. Well.. I really don't wanna be pegged as someone that might carry a fake purse.. ugh.. Might sound a bit selfcentered? for caring what other people think.. but i'm not one person that dresses really nice and have a matching purse to compliment myself.. cause I'm not sure.. but i'm pretty sure people when they see me think.. oh that girl is not dressed for success(?lol?) she must not have a real w/e.. I buy what I like and wear it because I enjoy it.. Sorry if this sounds all so confusing! XD

    I really like the monogram 30 but.. i'm not feeling the vachetta and waiting for it to patina.. and the damier is just so pretty.. wish they had the handles of the damier on the monogram! XD
  6. Go for what you want...don't worry about the fakes! Everything is faked....from jeans to sunglasses to handbags! If you love it, buy it and enjoy it!!! Life is too short to worry about these things!
  7. ^ Thankyou everyone for the comments! ^^;
  8. It's the classic monogram bag that is counterfeited more. By far.

    I wouldn't worry about it though.
  9. I would buy what you want and not care what others think.

    All but 1 of my LV bags are Mono. I don't always dress up and I doubt anyone thinks my bags are fake.
  10. There are soooo many fakes out there. In all of the lines. I think the most faked is the multicolor!! Monogram would be second on my list. They are all NASTY, I hate fake bags! Ick!
  11. Have you considered Mini Lin? You get the mono pattern without the vachetta.

    Almost every designer bag out there is faked, so don't worry about it. Buy what you like! Honestly, anyone who knows anything about bags will know that yours is real. Most of the fakes are pretty obviously fake, IMO.
  12. The mini lin is super cute! But isn't it like a fabric material? I'm trying to get a bag that isn't a material.. and the damier/monogram canvas seems really durable!
  13. I saw a fake damier some months ago and I was able to tell w/in seconds. It looked wrong and it was a style that was never done. I saw a fake damier key holder and from far I thought it was real bec. it was in her hand and I couldn't really see it, just saw the checkered pattern, and then as soon as I was w/in a few feet away from her I knew it was a terrible fake.

    When I wear my mono speedy 30 I think some people have thought it was fake bec. it's light in patina still. I can sort of relate to you not wanting people to think your bag is fake. I would get a damier speedy 30 if I were you and not worry about it. I think the mini lin is beautiful and not worn everywhere either. I've only seen one irl at the dmv, lol. But the other thing about the mini lin is that it's different and some people who are completely unfamiliar w/ it might then think your bag is fake if that is something that bothers you. I know plenty of people that only know about the regular monogram and know nothing of the others, vernis, epi, damier, mini lin so they either think those are fakes or just not LV. My mother's helper who knew nothing about LV other than the regular mono canvas is how I figured all this out. I would show her bags, an epi and she would say, "that's not LV," and then I'd show her a vernis and she'd say, "I would think that's fake", lol. She's now well educated in LV for a 12 yr old girl, lol.
  14. Ha! XD That's cute! My mom didn't know what the heck LV was until my uncles gf gave her a fake one! UGH! (I seriously hate that purse she gave her and it's so ridiculously fake looking! and dread it when she carries it around! I beg her not too!) and I told her all about LV and how real LV's don't do this or that.. XD She has learned a lot from me! ^^;

    And i'm totally excited about getting my Damier today!
  15. Go with what you love! Damier is a great choice--when you get your purse, have fun carrying it and don't worry about what people will think.