LV Mono Mizi vs. LV Cerise Sac Plat

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  1. Which one would you choose? I think they're both attractive. I would actually use the Sac Plat, it's not an odd shape to me. And those cherries are just so darn cute and happy! But the Mizi is nice too, just thinking maybe it's too much like a bowling bag...
  2. AND THE WINNER IS....SAC PLAT, I love this bag. I really wanted the speedy but it sold out, so I purchased this one instead, I'm glad I got to pick one up.
  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Mizi. The Med Elipse..that was my bowling bag, the mizi is just wonderful...its gorgeous in person.
  4. I personally prefer the mizi but if the sac plat is way more useful to you then you should choose it. I love those little cherries too:P V
  5. I like the style of the mizi even nicer in the vienna range:love:
  6. I love the mizi.On the sac I don't like the big cherries. I love them on the speedy.
  7. Mizi =)
  8. Sac Plat - I love the cherries!
  9. I like the mizi :biggrin:
  10. I like the mizi although when I tried in person it was a little to large for me. But I still love the mizi's style though compared to the sac plat's style. But then the Cerise Sac Plat is hard to resist..
  11. Mizi
  12. Mizi.
  13. Mizi
  14. I vote for both!;)
  15. You're a bad influence! :P