LV Mizi released or discontinued?

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  1. My friend is offering to sell her Louis Vuitton Mizi.
    She told me it's very rare and it is now discontinued.
    I wanted to see if any of you VUITTONISTAS knew of anything.
    She's willing to sell it at $500
    How much is it retail?
    Any information would be appreciated!
    Thanksss much! :heart:
  2. I think most people here will say grab it now!!!!
  3. Yes, they have been discontinued. The last price for Mizi was US$1450.00! If you are getting an authentic Mizi for US$500.00 consider yourself LUCKY!!!:nuts:
  4. $ 500 for real one...that's a jackpot [​IMG]
  5. Buy it!!!!
  6. $500? It sounds too good to be true.
  7. thanks everyone! but the thing is she claimed she bought it at a Macys in NY.
    Does Macys sell LV?
    :s I mean.. she is a really good friend..
    I don't want to be jipped & have it ruin the friendship you know?

    I have about 3 LVs so I can sorta or tell the difference of a fake and real.
    But fakes have been getting reallllllly good these days.

    Can anyone tell me about the Mizi that WILL stand out from a noticely fake one?
    (i.e pockets/ interior/ zipper/ where the date code is located / wheres the "Louis Vuitton made in U.S.A" (or Spain or France))
    Thankssssssssssss again ladies!
  8. oh im so jealous.. i've been dying to get my hand on MIZI :sad: :crybaby:
  9. If its the real deal.....GET IT!!!
  10. Yes, the Macy's on 34th st. sells LV.

  11. Ohhhh...grab it quick!! That's a fabulous price for a fabulous bag!! I don't know that much about the mizi but I think u can take a look at pics of the mizi(es) that they've sold and make pics when u get her! Lucky u!
  12. yea yea, theres a LV boutique inside the Macys store. but if you can that bag for that price, thats real good.
  13. As far as I know the fake one is so obvious..Do you have detail pics of the bag?? If you post the detail pictures of the stamp, date code, lining, bottom etc.
    Yes some Macy has LV..

    Fakers can't get the rivets right,so if it's fake will be obvious..
  14. My Mizi was made in Spain. Sadly, I have seen some really good Mizi fakes. We actually compared my Mizi to a fake one and there were only 2 things I noticed. Below the handles the flowers were off and the leather wasn't as curved. This isn't the same bag we compared it to but, it's close:


    Here's my Mizi:


    Hope that helps.
  15. Wow, I hope that as your friend she wouldn't try to rip you off. But I agree with Michelle, $500 just seems too good to be true! If she purchased it herself for retail at Macy's (she knew the original price), and it's in good condition, why would she lower the price so much?
    Sorry to be skeptical, just watching out for you... let us know though if it does turn out to be a fantastic deal!