LV Lovers, Established Working Girls - How much do you make?


Age Above 30, How much do you make? Salary & bonus

  1. Undre 50K

  2. 50K-90K

  3. 90K-130K

  4. Over 130K

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  1. This poll is for the second group of ladies over the age of 30. Of course, I have to adjust the income levels, since you are more established.
  2. A true lady never tells her age, her weight or income.....that being said I guess I am a true lady....these things are never revealed to is rather personal IMO...who cares...I rather hear about someones fabulous new bag!!!!!!
  3. I agree :yes:
  4. glad that we are on the same page:P ....
  5. LVpug, that is your opinion. Just because someone will divulge these things doesn't mean they're less of a lady. Let's not make moral judgements here. :s I think saying you'd prefer not to say or simply ignoring this thread would be sufficient. Everyone has a choice, let's not make others feel bad for theirs. :smile:
  6. Grrrrrrr...meow..I think you are passing judgement on me sweetie...I was stating my opinion...I respect yours please respect mine...voice your opinion without condemning mine....I have a right to voice my thoughts just like you...meow...meow...put the claws claws never came
  7. Yikes, I'm no lady then....:nuts:
  8. I tried to be very careful not to write anything that may come across as judgmental or critical of you personally since that was not my intention. But I am sorry you feel offended.
  9. I understand the curiousity for sure and it is fine that the question is posed but...

    It is too personal for my have to admit though....It does have the potential for being a bit too sensitive of a subject......:shame:
  10. I get scared to divulge things on the net, cause I"m sure I've already divulged too much, but there's vultures out here... ready to pounce, ya know??? I SWEAR, a hacker was here seeing how excited I was about a Panda Vavin, then I got a hacked second chance email on the Panda Vavin... I don't think it's too smart of us to divulge to much. This isn't safe, no matter what the moral issues are, it's important for us LV luvin girls to protect ourselves and each other, right?:heart:
  11. I keep seeing polls like this in this forum over and over again and unless every member participates, it is really subjective only to thesmall number of people who vote. I don't think you can get a real clear picture of whatever it is you are researching. I think maybe the question should be phrased differently? Because like others have posted before, it doesn't always matter how much you make because you can obtain bags from selling other stuff, trading or gifts, etc. I guess the bottom line is, if you want something badly enough, you will find out a way to get it and your income really doesn't matter.
  12. It is okay that we have different opinions..I respect what you have to say...
  13. I think people are WAY too sensitive about this stuff. If you don't want to participate then ignore the thread...if you do then respond to's that simple.

    I'm not in my 30's yet but am interested to see the results of this one!!
  14. great point...hackers do not know who we are.... for all they know we could be CIA or FBI....less said the better...too many weirdos out there...Veronika is soo smart....thanks for looking out for tpf members....
  15. and again, let's stay on topic, if someone posts something you don't like, IGNORE.
    If you don't like this thread or don't agree w/ it, then ignore it.
    None of us need to participate in every thread.