LV Leopard Scarf?

  1. Hi all, :smile:
    I'm new to the LV forum (frequently visiting Chanel :yes: ) but I wanted some help on this topic, and I thought you would be the best people to ask!! :yes:

    I'm interested in buying the LV Leopard Scarf (as seen on Kate Moss, Kiera Knightley, Sienna Miller, Halle Berry etc.), but in the silk only version. :heart:

    It is £120 and currently sold out online and in the stores I have called. :sad:

    Do you think it is worth chasing and worth the 'investment'? I am only 16 and £120 is quite a big deal for me!! Therefore, I can't afford the £300 silk/cashmere (unless anybody has any spare cash around!!!), so try not to suggest this as the best option. :yucky:

    I hope I have explained myself well enough, and sorry if this question has been already asked!!! :shrugs:

    Please help!! :flowers:
  2. Welcome : )
    If you want it then, I think it's worth searching for.
  3. IMHO, it is def. worth it!! I really want one as well but I live in the US and as far as my LV store knows, they will not receive them until sometime this week.

    HOWEVER, I am 22 yrs old and have a few LV bags already. If you don't have any LV bags, I would suggest maybe putting that $$ towards an LV bag unless you would get more enjoyment out of the scarf. Good luck:smile:

    PS--you are very eloquent for a 16 year old:smile:
  4. Also, to add if you have the funds, I think it's worth the money, again if you really want it.
  5. I think they are sold out at the mo - I have been round all the LV stores in London and called all the UK ones, and there are none left. I got a red one on friday as soon as they came in.

    Your best bet is ebay if you definately want one.
  6. Thanks for the compliment, Couturegirl!
    My English teacher would be so proud!

    Thanks for all the advice too, guys! I'll see if I can order one for when I next go up to London.
  7. Hi!
    well im 15 and i lovvveee that new scarf too(i saw it in this months Teen Vogue) i think im gonna buy it too...yeah its a lot of money for me too...but i try too save..i think its worth it :smile:
  8. I you really want it, then yes, of course it's worth it, but just know that when you get it, you'll actualyl wish to keep it and love it and treasure it after al lthr trouble you went in fetching it.

    I was debating this too when I was looking at a scarf for this season.

    Silk or Mink ? Is Mink too much ? Or is silk just not enough ? :confused1:
  9. I'm 19 and own several expensive items that most teens would probably never get. However, I strongly believe in doing things that YOU love and enjoy. Who cares if it's expensive? You can always earn money later, but you can't buy happiness during your relatively young life (yes I personally believe that I"m still living in my childhood days! lol) If you like it, then BUY IT! iono about other countries, but it's about 300$ canadian.
  10. Since were on this subject... we haven't received them in stock, the last time I checked none of the stores have received them... still showed zero across the board within the U.S.

    Keep checking on your store if you're interested on this leopard scarf! We should get them any day now... ha.

    - L
  11. I love the silk leopard print scarf! It´s gorgeous.
  12. Yup...I have been calling my SAs and bugging them about it all week!! LOL

    Laurence--any idea about how much it will cost?? Thanks:smile: