LV Las Vegas Visit!

  1. Hello all! I visited the LV at Caesars Palace to check out which bags I might want for my birthday next month. All the SAs were so nice and helpful! I didn't expect any of them to pay attention to me since I am only 18 and am wearing a shirt, jeans, and carrying a Betsey Johnson purse.

    Anyway, I tried on the Hampstead GM (MM was sold out), Azur Saleya MM and the Trevi GM. The Trevi is GORGEOUS!!!!!! I would so choose the Trevi but it's a little out of my price range. I saw the Mirage Speedy on display and that bag is beautiful as well :smile:

    It was a great visit and I just hope the SAs at SCP LV will be as nice when I get my bag next month. =]
  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful visit to Vegas!! I love the shops at Caesars Palace... So what did you decide to get for your birthday since it is coming up??
  3. I love Las Vegas! All the sales associates in all the high end brands have exellent customer service wherever I went - even though I was dressed in tanks, flipflops, and shorts
  4. I LOVE Las Vegas! I wish I were close enough to go shop there! Good luck on your bag, and HAPPY early Birthday!
  5. I went to LV in Vegas last year and when I was going there Kanye West had just arrived so he shut down the store so he could shop privately! We did get his picture though!
  6. Glad you had a nice visit!! It's a great city!!
  7. I love Vegas! Not for gambling, but for entertaining and shopping!!!!!!!!!
  8. Those are all great bags. To hard to choose just one.