LV Large Bucket Bag


I made it!
Jan 3, 2006
SinCitySista said:
I just wanted to know if anyone has the new LV Bucket bag. On the website it is a different shape and I'm really thinking about getting it I just wanted to know if anyone has it. Here is the link to it on the vuitton website:;jsessionid=AIFXND11HQ01GCRBXUDVAFYKEG4RAUPU?buy=0&langue=en_US

I believe the Bucket GM simply looks different because of the way they displayed it for the photo. In terms of the shape, I'm not so sure that it has changed.


Mar 2, 2006
The shape just looks different because of how the way it was displayed. I had my large bucket for almost 10 years and one problem that I have encountered is that I have trouble finding my things. The bag is so deep and do not have partitions that all my stuff are just jumbled up in a pile that makes it really difficult to locate my things. I don't know if the new bucket has inside pockets for cellphones (like the one in a batignolle), but it will help if the new bucket has one. Another thing, please check the interior of the bag. If it is still made of flesh colored leather, it will DEFINITELY start deteriorating in time. I just had the interior leather lining changed last year because the leather started to get sticky and some parts started peeling off. Ditto for the attached wallet. Although the cost of changing the interior leather is minimal, around US$150.