lv kirsten

  1. hi !!! I have the option to buy a lv kirsten and I would like to know if you would go more for gold or for silver. I know that you all have a good taste so ladies please I need your help !!!

  2. i usually am a gold person but with this bag i like the silver.
  3. I prefer the silver
  4. I like the gold!
  5. Silver pops up more..
  6. I prefer the gold in the Kirsten:heart:
  7. My preference is for the gold.
  8. Saw both gold and silver IRL. Gold to me looks the best and gold is harder to find, was sold out in Hong Kong. They had silver. Hope this helps.
  9. silver is fabulous!
  10. I like beautiful!
  11. Both are special in their own way, the silver is bright and very glittery and the gold is more subdued and suits the hardware perfectly.
  12. I think gold is faaar better for any dentelle, perhaps except for the speedy. Works better with the hardware, stands more out fronm the silk screened white and it goes better with monogram canvas.
  13. I love the silver it stands out from the bag better I personally think the gold is a little busy because the silk screening under it is silver then gold on top but it comes down to personal choice