LV jewellrey...I wish...

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  1. They made simple leather casual bracelets for those casual days.
    I just purchased a lovely Coach one ( and I am not even a fan of Coach) that I wear quite a lot.
    Like an all vachetta or all dark chocolate color leather bracelet with a simple LV embossed on the end.
    I know Hermes has a similar style that is adorable imo. I wear mine layered with my Pandoras and I love the chic look.

  2. They have quite a few leather ones but they are treated leathers for the most part. I wish I hadn't missed out on the suhali double tour bracelet :sad:
  3. Yes I had a look today when I was there. I don't like any of their jewellrey line unfortunately. It looks kind of cheap imo. I just don't want to have my body splashed in LV, kwim? Something understated that doesn't scream LV.
    Yoogis has or had ( haven't checked in a few days) a simple brown Hermes leather bracelet that I really like.
  4. Just checked the web site and they DO have what I'm looking for!! It's called the 'Stamp it Bracelet'.
    Now why didn't I see this in the boutique??? Is it only available online??

    Anyone have one of these beauties??
  5. For leather bracelets hermes is one of the best most of them have no writing on them its just great quality leather with a mini belt buckle. I really like those ones. As for actual LV jewelry it strikes me as odd that it is more expensive then Cartier / VCA for similar styles.
  6. Its quite recent so it probably is just making its way into boutiques.
  7. Good to know. :smile:. It's sold out online :sad:
  8. Have you looked into the brass and stingray leather ones? They are quite interesting.