LV iPod Cover

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  1. do you know if there is anything out for the nano? that's the one i have and all of these are for the older versions.
  2. I'm not sure. I just saw these on eLuxury just now. Well, it took LV awhile to FINALLY come out with these iPod covers. :lol: It might take them another while to catch on to the Nano, since Coach already got their iPod covers out a long time ago.
  3. man, i've had my nano since they first came out, maybe like 3 months ago? i can't remember when i got it. and since the very first day i took it out of the packaging, i've been using a newborn baby sock!!! because no one has covers yet. how sad.
  4. Caution: This is just for laughs. :lol:

    $.01 iPod nano cover
    by Chris Seibold
    Sep 29, 2005

    First off let me note that I don’t really know if this will set you back exactly one penny or if is a bit more or less, didn’t take the time to calculate the cost of Saran wrap by the square foot. Anyway I have a brand new black iPod and I was, being a cheapish person, worried about the thing getting all scratched up. I looked aorund for cases and such but most of them added bulk and the one that didn’t seemed expensive for what you got. Applying both lobes I decided that since I handled the ipod gently all I really needed was a little something to stop the scratches and this little something could be Saran wrap. Now here comes the tricky part:

    (proceed at your own risk)
    Get thyself a square foot of saran wrap.
    Make sure it is wrinkle free
    Place iPod nano face down in the middle of said sheet of polymer goodness
    At this point the Saran wrap will naturally cling to the surface via the miracle (I think) of static electricity
    Flip the amalgamation over and start stretching the saran wrap against the ipod until failure occurs (the Saran wrap will tear at the back of the ipod)
    Proceed as above for all four sides
    Now you’ve got a fairly tight cover on the face of your iPod but we can do a little better.
    Apply some heat to the saran wrap (makes it shrink a bit more for a better fit, I waved my iPod over a toaster)
    And there ya go, a do at home iPod cover. I’d post a pic but you can’t really tell the stuff is there. Sincce my “protective cover” has only been on since late last night I can’t speak to how long it will last at this time but I’ll keep you updated.
  5. Sorry but I can't seem to find any decent Nano covers. Guess we'll just have to wait...
  6. eeeeeeeeeeeeeew those are fugly. i guess we will have to wait. thanks!
  7. I may be wrong but I swear yesterday that I saw a LV cover for either the nano or the shuffle on eLuxury. Today they only have the two available but I think yesterday there were three. I would check and see if you really want one.
  8. there was a shuffle one available on elux, not a nano one. sorry :sad2:
  9. Have you tried using a cles for the nano ? I hear that the cles fit them perfectly !
  10. it always takes a while for the fashion industry to respond. i'm guessing there will be designer covers for the nano in summer.
  11. Too funny.