LV in US vs Canada

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  1. I'm going to Las Vegas & Los Angeles in July. Should I purchase the Neverfull MM &/or the Emilie Wallet in the states rather than Canada? If I calculated correctly, I'd be saving about $300 on the Neverfull after taxes and currency conversion.. I live in Ontario so there's a 13% tax rate

    What do you guys recommend?

    *kinda want the Chanel WOC instead of LV :sneaky:
  2. I did the math for you - not sure if you noticed but the prices went down on the Canadian site a few days ago.

    In USD it is $1879.20
    With the exchange it is $2489.83

    In Canadian it is $2519.90
    So it's a savings of $30.00

    So I say get the bag before you go so you can use your neverfull for the travel!!
  3. Ps, that's with 8% tax (Vegas)
  4. The other thing you want to consider is that when coming back into Canada, customs may pull you over for you to prove you purchased the bag in Canada. I always travel with my Canadian receipts. ( I travel A LOT for work). Sometimes for peace of mind, I'd rather pay a couple of dollars extra here rather than sweat it out at the border.

  5. Thanks for doing the math for me! Los Angeles tax rate is 5%, no?

  6. 9% :smile:

  7. Wondering if it ever happened to you since you travel lots? My SA did told me to travel with my receipts but by fear of getting check by customs I just dont travel with any LVs [emoji17]
  8. #8 Jun 6, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2016
    I travel a lot. Not between Canada and USA. But other countries and USA and I cross other borders. I carried my receipts for a while. But no one has ever bothered me concerning LV. It makes cautious sense but if you were really trying to smuggle stuff in you could find a way to get a receipt to cya. I almost think it makes you look more suspicious that you can produce a receipt. Majority of people aren't that cautious. Hopefully if your items are being used (not still in boxes) you will just be left alone. :smile: Regrettably if you run into a shady customs agent (which I did once) common sense really doesn't come into play. When they start grabbing your items and talking sternly to you as if you are a criminal. You are really at their mercy. :sad: In that situation, I didn't understand the language so I couldn't argue. My interpreter tried. I had to pay duty to bring the item into their country. Only cash. You know where that money ended up.
  9. Hello, maybe I'm missing something, but isn't the Neverfull MM $1260 pre-tax in USD (~$1630 Canadian dollars)? If I check the Canadian site it is $1660 Canadian dollars. With the exchange that is $1280 USD. If you purchase in your non-residential country, are you eligible for a tax refund similar to the VAT?

  10. I travel a lot between Canada and the US. I have never been stopped by customs for a receipt on either end (I never carry a receipt either). I figure that it's because I am using them (they may be more focused on resellers). Either way no one has ever questioned me. Also, most times my LV's are in my Longchamp and only my twinset is visible so maybe because they don't notice they don't ask. I agree, shady custom officers can make ur life miserable even if ur in the right and it's just easier to pay them and go. For this reason when I travel to certain countries I leave Louie behind.
  11. I travel a lot between Canada and the US, both for work and for vacation. I have had them tear apart a Celine INSISTING that it should come with an authenticity card. Uh - do you mean Chanel? Just because the woman had no clue about brands, she took it upon herself to lecture me about how I should always travel with the card (?!?!?) and the receipt. Basically, they consider us guilty until proven innocent.

    I've been stopped with my LV Alma - they wanted to know where I had bought it. I've been stopped with my Chanel boy, but fortunately I had my CARD and receipt. I've never been stopped with my H - I guess they're under the radar.

    And it is ALWAYS by female TSA agents, BTW....
  12. Some sort of jealousy i guess... Once ive been stopped at the borders while returning from a road trip. I bought nothing but they didnt believe me and made me get out of my car without my purse. They found nothing but threw out all my stuff from my purse on the ground! I had my dior powder all cracked with a broken mirror and the eyes shadow lifted up from their casing! [emoji35]
  13. Just leaving Pearson now: again, female tsa agent asked how long I'd had my Chanel necklace and my LV Montaigne in RB. Case in point. Or I look shady. Not sure which.
  14. shady- lol nah they are just nosy. Very hard to prove anything I think esp if these are ur personal pieces and it's not multiple items all brand new. They need to focus on the real crooks and leave stuff like this alone- bigger issues out there. I have never had them question me yet and I don't travel with my receipts when I go between US and Canada- not looking forward to the day they do- then hubby will know the true cost of my LV!!! [emoji15][emoji33]
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