LV in Taipei, Taiwan.

  1. Check out the LV store in my hometown on Louis Vuitton official website.

    Here r some screen shots:

    "Artist Michael Lin has created an in-situ art piece for the Taipei store. A breathtaking carridor leads the way to the VIP room. Painted entirely by hand, it represents giant floral patterns, inspired by Taiwanese tradition..."

    pls check entire description on LV official website~

    Ironically, I had never been to LV stores in my own country~:crybaby:



    LVtaipei_01.jpg LVtaipei_02.jpg LVtaipei_03.jpg
  2. Wow - they should use his talent on a line of LV bags!!
  3. wow pretty... hmm stairs to the vip room... a friend and i were wondering what some stairs by the back of the SCP boutique lead to.. perhaps their vip room too? haha.. wow..
  4. beautifull
    really gorgeous
  5. I am thinking the embossed floral patterns on the Vernis piece...:drool:
  6. wooooowwwwww~~~~~~
  7. wow very beautiful, i hope i will have a chance to visit it when i go to taiwan next summer.
  8. Gorgeous pics...thanks for sharing!
  9. Me Love TW~~~ But haven't got a chance to go back visit the store yet....everyone is so skinny though, argh.
  10. Thanks for sharing!
  11. :nuts: Nice! Love those paintings:love:
  12. love the pics... so pretty!
  13. My hometown, too! Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!
  14. wow my hometown too! i better go visit next time i go =]
  15. Very nice :yes: I'm going back there for a visit in Feb. and will be sure to check it out.