LV, Hermes, Chanel Which one has better quality?

  1. First of all, this forum get me addicted :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    I read several threads today from page to page and make me wonder which one has better quality between Chanel, LV and Hermes?

    In terms of price, I think Hermes is the most expensive. Between Chanel and LV, I'm not sure but anyway this thread is not about the price between the three of them but about the quality.

    In addition to that, which one do you think more worth it to buy between Chanel, LV and Hermes?
  2. The question you pose is difficult to answer- each brand has a different asthetic and price bracket. But from my experience I've been nothing but pleased with the quality of my LV items, and my single Chanel has gotten too little use to tell. Hermes bags supposudly hold up the best, but in my opinion a lot of that can be contributed to the carefulness women take with them. I've heard some issues about Chanel's quality with stitching and construction as of late but have not had them myself.
  3. I say Hermes has the best quality but also the highest price!

    But I still love LV the most!
  4. I've never even been in the presence of Hermes but i'm sure their the best quality but because I'm familiar with chanel and lv i'd have to say that chanel does by far.
  5. Good question. I own all three and must say that my LV Deauville has held up beyond compare...the quilted leather on my Chanel is so soft that it naturally shows signs of wear pretty quickly no matter how careful you are. The Hermes I have is a vintage duffle bag and has also lasted beautifully with the exception of the brass hardware that gets dull quite quickly. I know women who will disagree with me and vote only for Hermes...but they own Birkins so I guess it also depends on the style of each designer. HOnestly, you can not go wrong with any of the three...
  6. I own all three brands as well. I think all three have superb quality. I did hear though (on tPF and off) that LV has had some problems with their stuff (lining color transfer, peeling, flaking, etc.). So did CHANEL (problems with stitching). I guess it's only normal for mass produced brands to have a glitch now and then.
  7. I don't own any Hermes (but would LOVE to someday) but I honestly think that all three brands have superior workmanship. I love my LVs and Chanels and they're holding up like champs (I DO baby them to death)! But based on the prices, I would kinda expect them to last years and years and years. :p
  8. I prefer and love LV the most!
  9. I suppose hermes quality has to be the best, due to the price and handmade etc. But LV has exquisite craftmanship, i dont have a chanel so i cant comment xx
  10. Price doesen't have anything at all to do with quality. It's about demand and supply.

    However I agree that Hermes probably have a higher quality control due to the way the bags are produced.
  11. i am an lv girl, but i say chanel and hermes beat out lv on quality.
  12. I am in quite a good place to answer this as I have moved through all three in recent years (I am old!). Chanel for me was always a bit disappointing in terms of quality but I never really adored their styles, so the two may be related. I owned a few items from the LV Epi range including an Alma and Passy and loved them, but then . . .along came . . .Hermes. . . .after huge soul searching, angst and deliberation I now own two Birkins and a Dogon wallet and they are beyond compare with LV and Chanel as far as I am concerned. . . If I read on a forum someone claiming Hermes was way better than LV/Chanel, I'd probably have thought 'mmm, yeah' but I cannot do more than say that this is the most dramatic difference I have ever experienced in terms of the quality:cost ratio and for me there is no going back . . .Be careful, this could be a dangerous question!
  13. I think they all have excellent quality. I don't own any Hermes, but my LV and Chanel have shown exceptional quality.

  14. Dangerous question? Why?

    I only have LV so far, never own Chanel. I bought an epi 3 years ago (I think) and the shoulder strap just start to get crack a little bit. I mean I can put it back together by put some glue, I guess but never thought it'll be like that within 3 years while I'm rarely using it :sad:.
  15. I like LV and CHANEL.