LV HArdware

  1. SO what type of metal is LV hardware...brass, plated brass or something else? I got a scuff on one my suhali's and besides the fact of flipping out, I was wondering if using a silver polishing cloth would remove the scuff.
  2. It's Plated Brass...I'm not sure if they use a different metal for Suhali's though...usually once you've scratched it, it's scratched...

    I rather not try the silver it safe...
    maybe call your LV?

    Hope this Helps..:biggrin:
  3. Vuitton would probably replace the hardware that you have that is scratched, for a cost though. I really don't think it's safe to try and do anything else.
  4. don't use silver polish.. silver polish is designed for silver. it's a different metal than brass. try brass-o or some other brand for brass metal.

    as for getting it fixed at LV.. i asked once about it and they laughed saying i should wait a few years cuz it's normal (i was also a new buyer then.. totally just starting out.. but how rude!)
  5. Yeah, how rude to laugh at you :evil: . At least you were concerned enough to ask.
  6. That is messed up if it loses the brass coating! For those prices?
    Is it just that it dulls or does the plating come off and it looks silver?
    My Gucci's from the 80's still are shiny and gold!
  7. It actually looks like scratches with top layer chipped off. A very big putoff considering the premium price. I am not a hardware expert but someone mentioned it is bacause the piece (zipper pull) is not solid brass but plated with brass.

    I don't know if I am too harsh but can't help thinking what a cheapo LV is. I think if enough customers file compliants, they may try to improve the quality. It is just like the Japanese complain about their bags peeling (humid weather) and hence LV is doing something about it. They are testing new glue fromula in South Asia (as opposed to Japan?). LV does not have much retail presence in South Asia but I am wondering if it is for climate reason.
  8. An LV SA told me recently that the hardward is gold plated when I bought the Pouchette Assessories and Extension/Key ring from him. I did not pursue the subject further as I was on my lunch hour and in a hurry to get back to work. Then again, gold plating could be very very thin, like in the microns. I certainly wouldn't use the silver cloth. Also, check back with LV.
  9. I wonder if the sweat/moisture from our hands destroy the coating? If so, I should start wearing gloves when I am using the zipper pull :nuts: . Will probably help to prolong the shiny finish.