LV Hardcase Suitcase Reveal - Taiga Alzer 70

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  1. Hello,
    I am so excited. Today my Fedex parcel containing my latest purchase arrived. It is a Taiga Green Alzer 70.

    I bought the piece from Authentic.LV via eBay.
    Authentic.LV has been absolutely fantastic with the transaction. They are professional and I can not recommend them more highly. Thank you tPF for advising me to deal with this seller!

    I was eBay shy after being burnt twice in as many months..... thankfully PayPal came to the party on this ! (This is a tale for another day - I will post another time).

    If I won lotto..... If Bill Gates said to me - "YOU CAN HAVE ANY PIECE YOU WANT FROM LOUIS VUITTON" I would choose this exact item.

    I am referring to a Louis Vuitton Alzer. And a large size at that.
    As for color - if money was no object ... I would go for the Taiga leather in green. I have always been in love with the dark rich green. The green of class and eternal chic! The Green of eny! The Green of my dreams...

    Anyhow. I bought the item from Authentic.LV and they sent it to me via USPS - apparantly my country does not allow parcels that big to enter the country! So after a few weeks it was returned to the seller - Authentic.LV aaaaargh! I was so upset. I was probably a little shirty that day! Sorry to all!

    I then got Authentic.LV to ship the item via Fedex. Please understand this postal disaster is not Authentic.LV's fault - It is my stupid country's postal service - or I should say laziness!

    Anyhow, Fedex is an absolute dream! The internet tracking is also first rate.

    The item arrived and I collected it directly from the Fedex depot - I did not want my partner to quite realize I just spent a big chunk of money! I will explain it later to them!

    Authentic.LV wrapped the item very very very well! I very carefull used a pocket knife to remove the endless bubblewrap, cardboard and outer paper.

    The beauty of the item was revealed. I took pics with my digital camera. Sorry - but I don't have a sd-simm reader on my work PC - otherwise I would post picture here and now! I will post pics tonight (my time) so please come back to this post to see the pics!

    The item is 97%. Only a small scratch underneigh..... nothing really and quite acceptable considering the size of the suitcase. Scratch probably from the 1st owner who would have probably used it on Concorde or First Class! THANK YOU SO MUCH AUTHENTIC.LV ! YOU ARE FANTASTIC!

    The item is absolutely fantastic.


    The exterior is everything I imaged....
    The inside is just amazing. Green suade type material and the inner tray is a work of art.

    If only the item could talk. I have no idea who this belonged to.... possible Brian Maddox or Michael Jackson! I mean this item was rediculously priced.... over US$10,000- new.

    The item was bought new in 2005 from the Paris store. The case was on display there! I can only image the Amex bill for that month!

    Anyhow.... this is the best Louis Vuitton piece I own and I wanted to share those emotions with you all. I am literally just back from the 15min drive to Fedex and back. Trying to look busy at work whilst typing this posting for my friends at tPF.

  2. cool can't wait to see pics
  3. Pics pics pics! Sounds great! Huge congrats!
  4. where are the pics!
  5. I'm looking forward to pics as well. :smile:
  6. Oh yes, this sounds delicious. Pics asap please!
  7. Pictures pls?
  8. Great info, can't wait for got me excited. :smile:
  9. Pics please!!! :popcorn:
  10. where did archie go
  11. These are the picks - 3 minutes after collecting from Fedex.... still in the fedex car park!

  12. These pics are from when I got home.... Introducing Taiga Alzer to the rest of the Hardcase items.... UNFORTUNATELY I have my Black Epi President with LV (Repairing the lock) and I am days away from receiving my final piece of hardcase - MY MONOGRAM BISTEN 70.

    Do you think the sizing is OK? I have the following:-

    Taiga Alzer 70
    Mono Bisten 70 - (Has not arrived yet)
    Mono Bisten 65
    Mono President
    Epi President - (With LV getting a repair completed)
    Taiga Diplomate

  13. Gorgeous suitcase! I'm very happy for you! :biggrin:
  14. Wow! You've some stunning cases.
  15. I love them all!