LV Groom Collection

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  1. Hi all!

    Ok I know I'm SOOOO slow off the mark on this one but.....does anyone know anywhere that still might have any pieces from the groom collection left? Eluxury has two coin purses but that's it

    TBH I saw some of the collection late last year and it slipped my mind until I started posting on here.

    I've seen a few pieces on eBay but am a little wary.

    Can anyone also let me know what the long narrow scarf retailed at?

    Thanks ladies :flowers::tender:
  2. I called 866# over the weekend about the wallet. The green zippy organizer is very limited - only about a handful left and there are plenty of red pouchette wallets available. Not too sure about the availability of the bandeau which I think was around $120-140
  3. Thanks for that. I was slightly hesitant of calling the London LV store in case I'm asking for something that is utterly sold out and would sound silly :shame:
  4. I know the Boston Saks store has multiple groom items as well. Good luck and keep us posted, I love the groom, super duper cute!
  5. I've just been onto the LV site to get the number for the London store and you can buy off the site!! I didn't know that. They have quite a number of groom items but not the scarf I want....fnrgh! I'm tempted to get a wallet though :girlsigh:
  6. I know, I bought the agenda right when the collection came out and I am still thinking about getting a wallet! I cannot get the thought of it out of my mind and I know that when they are all gone it will only be worse!
  7. I just called the LV store on Bond Street and they didn't have the bandeau I wanted but said the concession in Selfridges has it in yellow so they are holding it for me :woohoo:

    What's the bet I'll buy something else when I get there??!!
  8. Oh the bandeau is so cute, I am happy for you and yes I am sure you will end up getting some company for your groom! Keep us posted and be sure to share pics!
  9. Hee, hee.....I just told my boyfriend about it and he said he'd pay for it! I think I'll be getting something else now
  10. Push him to buy you more Groom items!!! :graucho:
  11. LOL!!! I think he would if he was coming with me but he's working so I'll be going on my own
  12. Have fun !
  13. omg they still have the groom pochette wallet? i'm dying for one!! so do i call the 866 number to track one? how much is it btw and i'm in canada. or do i go to the LV and ask them to locate one for me? >< i usually just buy what they have in stock i never bother to ask them to track anything for me, caus ei'm scared i may not like it when it actually comes
  14. I called the number for the main London store and they can track stuff down so give yours a call and they should do the same
  15. Here we go folks, my little haul.....enjoy!