LV gift...

  1. DH and I are trying on our baby number #-- told him that if I get pregnant then he has to give me a gift... am I bad? Maybe a nice bag would make me feel better IF I get pregnant.... Oh, maybe God would think im so selfish and wont grant that wish, hahahhah! just a thought.
  2. I am sure God wants you to have your baby and fab bag..
    What LV bag do you have in mind?? tote bags?? Cabas Mezzo & Batignolle are great.
  3. Nope, not bad!
    I trained my DH as well.
    I got diamond studs w/ my daughter and a beautiful diamond and sapphire band w/ the twins!
  4. Aw...well you will deserve it when you get pregnant!

    (And tell him a LV nappy bag is NOT GOOD ENOUGH! lol)
  5. You definatley deserve something nice. You are carrying his child inside of you after all.
  6. i love this thread :lol:

    I use ANY and ALL excuses to get a new LV! And I DID get one when I had my baby!
  8. Hehehe! You surely deserve a new bag! Let's put it this way: you're gonna be carrying the baby he helped conceived, so you DESERVE to carry a LV bag to make up for it ;)

    Good luck with both the bag and the baby :love:
  9. Good luck! I'm sure he'd get what you' love!!!
  10. After wanting to be a mom for so long, for me getting pregnant would be the gift.
  11. You're not bad at all. You deserve LV bags regardless if you are pregnant or not. But being pregnant means you can get more!:lol:
  12. You definitely deserve it if you get morning sickness like I did:sick: . It's worth it though!:amuse:
  13. :heart:My husband bought me something after each child: the last one was a mother's ring -- four stones.
  14. The birth of my son is what began my journey down the path of LV! I mentioned buying a nice versatile Coach (they had an awesome all-leather satchel for about $600) and my sweet, clueless husband asked, "Why don't you buy a Louis Vuitton bag? They're really classy."

    Now, he's kicking himself every day. *snicker*
  15. Hey! I like that... Lol... he already told me to choose and buy 1 but I just feel guilty buying it. I forgot to mention wee're trying to have baby #2 , when i had my 1st, he gave me a set of diamond bulgari style.... now i want a bag when we conceive and maybe a diamnond after i gave birth....:biggrin::P