LV Galliera or Balenciaga Day?

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Galliera Azur PM or Balenciaga Day?

  1. Galliera Azur PM

  2. Balenciaga Day

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  1. I've been wanting a slouchy shoulder bag for some time now and really like both the LV Galliera Azur and the Balenciaga Day but I can only get one. Which one should I choose?

    Also, for those voting for the Day, what color would you suggest? I have Raisin on my wishlist but not sure if I'll still be able to find one here.

    Thanks in advance :smile:
  2. I know the responses will probably be biased here but I figured I'd give it a try since there are some Bal fans here too.

    I want a slouchy shoulder bag and really like both of these bags but can only get one. Which one should I choose?

    Galliera Azur PM or Balenciaga Day?
  3. LV galliera!!!!
  4. I have 3 Bal Day bags and adore them - it's my favorite slouchy bag style and Raisin is gorgeous! Check out - she's great to work with and only carries authentic Balenciagas and she can put you on her list if she gets a Raisin Day in stock.

    I don't have any LV's but I have to say that Galleria has caught my eye but for a slouchy hobo I think the Bal is a better choice - the Galleria will be more structured just because of the material it is made out of.
  5. bal day
  6. galliera!!!!!!!!!!!!!;););)
  7. Good going putting this in the LV-section ;)
    You KNOW what you'll get as your answer in here, lol
  8. Galliera!!
  9. Galliera
  10. Bal Day!!! which color do you have in mind? you can always get the galliera down the line
  11. Go with the Bal!!!
  12. If slouchy is what you're looking for, the Day, no contest. :smile:

    You can always LV it up on the inside!

    Here's my Anthracite:
  13. day
  14. galliera!!!!
  15. faintlymacabre's photo looks nice, but I just don't like Bal - the hardware, the leather. So my vote is Galliera.