LV Fifth Avenue NYC Window Pics

  1. Ok, my husband took these for me. :yahoo: I truly can't believe he did that -- I don't think he can believe he did that but I thought they were pretty good and help show the pony cartoon texture and some more detail in some of the others. I'm going in tomorrow -- will let you know if there's anything new to report.
    vuittonponyyellow.jpg vuittonponypink.jpg vuittonred.jpg vuittonjoke.jpg
  2. they r using these bags trying to temp buyers...:p:rolleyes:
  3. You gotta tell your hubby how much we appreciate his efforts! :smile:
  4. OMG those bags look absolutely AMAZING!
  5. Gorgeous!
  6. Very nice and thanks.
  7. wow, thanks for sharing the pics with us
  8. I think it's disappointing how the Cartoon bags are suede... :sad:
  9. Thank you for sharing
  10. Thanks for sharing !

    I think these bags are kind of weird though.. just, I guess I'm not fashion forward enough to appreciate them !
  11. Please tell your DH that we said thanks! They are great pics, esp. of the pony hair bags, you can see the texture quite well. Thanks for sharing!
  12. What an awesome DH! :tup:
  13. the cartoon bags are pony hair

    and I didnt know the Monogram was on it either

    lol where have I been
  14. Wow, thanks a lot Jenskar--wish the bowler/doctors shape bag was in the color of the last bag. Maybe they should ask one of us to design their bags. LOL.
  15. LOL, now I have to go to the LV store to see them in person. They look awesome.:wlae: