LV EXPERTS-Is the Epi Mandarin color discontinued??

  1. Sorry if this has been asked before....
    I don't see any mandarin color bags on Elux. There are a few on the LV website but the color is only available on certain bags.

    Can you tell me if this color is being discontinued?

    Thanks for the info...
  2. yes i think it is
    so grab what you can :lol:!
  3. There is the mandarin epi petit noe on Eluxury that I'm considering to get.
  4. I was told YES and NO. A person @ 866-VUITTON said that EVENTUALLY they will discontinue the color. One SA @ LV store in Toronto said that she hasn't heard that and that mandarin color is still in production. Another SA at a dif. Toronto location said that is HAS been disconitnued.:wacko:
  5. Ugh! :rant: I've heard different things from SA's too! I want a definite answer!
  6. Yea, an answer would be nice. I bought a mandarin agenda and I'm trying to figure out how soon I should buy a matching purse to go with it.
  7. I've heard lots of different thing aswell! I was in the LV store yesterday and they said its still in production but in very limited quantities, but will eventually be discontinued! So thats the latest I've heard on it, my advice it to get while you can ASAP!
  8. when i called 866-VUITTON to order my Catalogue i asked if the color was being discontinued, and the phone SA said YES :weird:
  9. Every LV store/counter I've visited in the past few months has confirmed to me that Mandarin is going to go out of production (if it hasn't already). It's pretty difficult to find Mandarin pieces here in the DC area (I think we PFers bought them all!) but they had lots of them at the St Louis store last week. They even had the Epi Mandarin Jasmin, if any of you are still looking to buy one. Heh.
  10. Is there a reason why the Mandarin color is being discontinued?
  11. Epi colours are not permanent.. except for black which seems to be a staple.
  12. gosh, it's so sad. I hate the fact that Mandarine is being disc. It's such a lovely color. I'm still longing for a Mandarine Jasmine.. Doesn't loook like it's gonna happen.:cry:
  13. Ayla,
    I love your avatar
  14. You never know! Sometimes there are bags floating around in stores even after they've been discontinued!:idea:
  15. LV_addict is totally right about bags floating around stores after they have been discontinued! Yesterday I was in LV in the U.K (Manchester) And they had all 3 colours in the speedy perfo dispite it being sold out everywhere else! Funny Huh?