LV decisions!! help!!


Old school tPFer
Jan 31, 2006
i've FINALLY decided to get the LV multicolore speedy 30! but decisions decisions... i don't know which ONE to get!?!?? the black or the white??? the pastels on the white is Soooooooo pretty whereas the neon colours on the black makes it so much more striking... the white one might get dirty easily and fade easily whereas the black might look weird with light coloured summer/spring clothes. help me out with this, guys!
I have the black multicolor sologne and love it. The white you have to be a little more careful because of getting stains on it. The black seems to match everything I wear (which is mostly black, hehehe).
hahahhaa..!! WHOA...! it's a TIE! :blink: divina.. i think i'll be using it more around spring or summer.. i can't possibly BEAR to bring it out during winter and get it WET! :worried: but i'm still sooooooo confused.. they're just both so pretty :love:. thanx for replying, guys! tho i'm still hoping to get more of ur advices and opinions.... :biggrin:
Devoted - I have the black mc Sologne, too.

I like the black. I have heard that white shows the dirt easily, but maybe that's the case only if you use the same white bag everyday and aren't always careful where you set it down?