LV Cocktail Party October 11/Yorkville

  1. Is anyone going to the LV Cocktail Party at Holt Renfrew on Bloor in Yorkville, Toronto, tomorrow night?
  2. :wondering :wondering No.
  3. They send out invitations every year, I am not sure where the list comes from? Was hoping someone was going from the PF.
  4. I am going to the one in Yorkdale.:graucho:
  5. Me too
  6. Hi Irene, perhaps I have the location wrong, I thought was on bloor, could there be two?
  7. I meant two different parties.

  8. Yes, all LV boutiques in HR across Canada will have a thing tomorrow night (as far as I know).
  9. ok, I thought I was having "a blonde moment"
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