LV Cleaning Services??

  1. umm... What is right? are you saying that LV doesn't have cleaning services or they do?

    If you ask me, they do have cleaning services, but it's nothing special. I've gotten my bag cleaned there once with my 2 SAs scrubbing and puffing. They just bring out this 'special' canvas cleaner. That's it.
  2. .. so they DO have a cleaning service?

    i thought they don't do it, which is why i said it in the LV LJ community. cuz all i hear from SA's when things get dirty are: "sorry, you're gonna have to buy a new one" or "sorry.. we can replace the leather for you but it'll be $xxx.00 though."
  3. There's a dry cleaner's here in San Diego, actually La Jolla, who specializes in couture and high end designer bags. I brought my josephine pm to be cleaned because she had this nasty ink stain inside. I couldn't even tell there were any marks on the bag. They did a really great job. I think you can send your bag to them and they'll ship right back to you when it's done.
  4. I know they do for epi, LV sends a cleaner, but its not made available to sale, nor actually produced by them, but you just have to ask and they'll just swab it up for you.
  5. ooooh. thats so cool, and near where i live! (well, in california at least :smile:)))
  6. ohhh... interesting to know. wouldn't matter anyway since all my stuff is damier/monogram. lol.
  7. They do great work. I remember the first time I walked in, they had quite a few high end bags already done and they were nicely wrapped in clear cellophane and pretty white bows. They also give you their own dust bag just in case you don't have one for your bag. Here's the number just in case you want to have your babies cleaned (it can get a bit pricey but it depends on how dirty your bag is and its size):

    Margaret's Cleaning Service
    (858) 454-2375
    Located @ 7511 La Jolla Blvd.

    Just tell them Jennifer Streete referred you :biggrin:
  8. Well.. I don't really think it's a "Louis Vuitton Service", but more of a "SA service":yes:

    I have one of those service sheets that tells you all the things LV repairs or provides extra service for and there's no cleaning on it. So it's not an official LV service, like I said before.
  9. ohhhhhhhh... hehe thanks for the clarification
  10. no problemo
  11. Yah, I had my old SA clean my MC Trouville once, she just used some Apple cleaner and it took a couple of minutes. But, no it's not a service like repairs.