LV Class Action Suit - Gift Vouchers!

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Dec 26, 2007

I'm new to the LV thread but just wanted to share something I found in the mail today.

I received a class action suit settlement against LV. To cut the long story short, somebody filed a suit against LV for collecting telephone numbers and addresses from customers who used their credit cards at LV stores in CA.

The plaintiff will get $3k for her efforts while her lawyer will receive up to $197.5K!

The rest of us will receive our choice of one of the following:

1) $25 gift certificate for purchases up to $250


2) $50 gift certificate for purchases over $250.

You get to pick 1) or 2) but not both.

You do need to mail in a document though stating that you did purchase something at an LV store in CA.

You have until Nov 9 to mail in your document.

I've never purchased anything from LV except for a Tivoli GM from the Rodeo Drive store.

I do find this lawsuit ridiculous but Coach got hit with the same lawsuit so maybe we'll see more settlements coming our way.
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