LV, Chanel, & Balenciaga Girls: Enable Me!

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  1. I'm a grad student so my finances are limited at the moment. I can only afford 1 bag. I can't decide. I need a hand held with an option for straps. These are my options:

    LV Damier Trevi PM
    Black Chanel Medallion
    Black Balenciaga Part Time with GGH

    Which would you go for? Please enable me!

  2. I am also a grad student and carry a Part Time as my every day bag. I love the Trevi but I personally love the Bal a lot more, both in terms of style and versatility.
  3. Trevi all the way!
  4. ^ Do you think the Bal would work for day & night events?
  5. ^ Thanks for your response! Do you like the Trevi because you think it's the most classic of the 3 bags? I'm looking for a bag that I'm going to keep for years & years.
  6. trevi
  7. I'd choose the Balenciaga because it should be much lighter than the Trevi.
    Plus, I'm jonesing for my first Bal! City for me though.
  8. Bal!
  9. Balenciaga!
  10. Definitely the Trevi ! It can definitely last for years and years and has a classic design. I'm nt a fan of the Chanel Medallion. The Bal would be great for more casual outfits though...
  11. i would go with the trevi as it will be classy forever
  12. You're on the LV Forum, so you'll get a lot of votes for the Trevi.

    Back to your question, I vote for the BBag, but I like the City with GSH. The Part Time doesn't hold very much.
  13. I vote Bal as well!
  14. They are all very good, I vote for Chanel!!!!!!!, have you thought about GST?
  15. Trevi!!