LV catalog ~ mailing list

  1. For those of you that get LV catalogs how did you get on the mailing list or how did you get them?
    Did you purchase them?
  2. I believe when I purchased at the store they got my address. You can however go to and sign up there too. I know I get email newsletters from them and they also took my mailing address.
  3. i received mine through first purchase, u can always go and ask them depending on ur SA
  4. I usually get them when I go to the store.
  5. You don't get catalogs sent to you by mass-mailings like at J.Crew or Coach- if you receive them at all it's usually shipped from your store by your SA.
  6. Sometimes I get them with a purchase when I request, sometimes I have ordered one and LV normally quotes a price and then usually just charges me media shipping rate and not for the catalog itself! Call 1866 vuitton and request one unless you have a regular LV SA then call her/him.
  7. TY ~ I will request one when I get Eva on March 1st. I don't live close to a LV so I don't have a SA persay (I usually just call a store and place an order.)