LV Canadian prices - cheaper than the US?

  1. Do my eyes deceive me?
    I went to Holt Renfrew in Vancouver to look at a Neverfull PM and a Batignolles Horizontal. At eluxury it was $600usd and $775usd respectively. At Holts it was $575cdn and $735cdn.
    Can someone please enlighten me? Thanks.
  2. I have a friend who works art Holts Bloor and I had her price things for me. Yes, it's indeed cheaper. (Like pre US 5% increase -cheaper.) A Speedy 30 is $625, a mono pochette is $280 or $285. There's a thread about Canadian pricing in the shopping section, though. You should take a look.
  3. wow i only live 4 hours away from canada!!! isnt there tax in canada though?

  4. 13% tax in ontario, which adds up when your spending that much on a bag

    there might be some sort of tax-free for tourists thing tho, i'm not sure since i'm not a tourist lol
  5. 5% in Alberta
  6. 12% in BC ( 5% GST and 7% provincial tax)
  7. Yup, prices are currently cheaper- i got my speedy 25 for $605 (plus tax, so it came to $683.65)
  8. Only PST is refunded now, and it must be for items with a retail value of 625$ or over. Here's some more info -

    Taxes may be high.. but there's delicious universal healthcare in return ! :lol:
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  10. As an American moving to Canada soon, I couldn't be happier with that! Willing to pay upfront for the luxury. :tup:
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