LV Camera Case?

  1. hey Ladies I usually post over in Chanel but I was looking for something I noticed an LV lady had...

    In a thread where everyone was showing what their bags could hold, she had a LV cigarette case which she used as a camera case. I called my local LV boutique and they didn't carry it and weren't very helpful at all:crybaby: So I'm coming here for help!

    Does anyone know where I can get this cigarette case? Does it only come in the classic monogram or do they make it in any other materials? And finally, if it doesn't exist anymore, does anyone know of a good alternative to use as a camera case?

    THanks so much everyone!!!
  2. I remember Mini Mono line has digital case or something like that - it's for camera etc.
  3. My Mum uses something from the Damier range.....hmm can't remember it's name but it fits her camera really well. It also comes with a strap.
  4. I use the wapity it really depends on how big your camera is there are few options
  5. Wow thanks ladies, especially Lvbabydoll- you guys are lifesavers!:yahoo:
  6. Yeah, I use my wapity for my camera too. :smile:
  7. You're welcome!:heart:
  8. USE WAPITY. They are the cutest :love:. Especially the white MC wapity.
  9. Yup, me three and it fits perfectly. :yes:
  10. I use my wapity as well ...

  11. Sounds like the Damier Okapi. That's what I use too.
  12. Thats been discontinued while ago. I would suggest wapit pochette tiakl or obkapi.
  13. I so want a black mc wapity for my camera!