LV box

  1. Just a quick question...

    Just say if you have just recently bought a bag from LV right, and you have asked for a box but they didn't have one available.

    Is it possible to ask for one from another store in your city? and would you?

    I don't want to sound so cheap or something, but I want a box! :sweatdrop:
  2. when i bought the papillon a few weeks back, the box was not available. i called the store 4 days later and asked if they had it, i went back the next day and was given the box + an extra paper bag..................

    you can surely go back for it, or ask your SA for one....
  3. It also happened to me at Neimans and I went back a week later and showed my receipt. They did it happily and just wrote that I was given the box on my receipt.

    And you dont sound cheap :smile: I always ask for a box even if I dont use it.
  4. i love boxes- i would soooooooo ask if u can
  5. yup, you can. you can ask for the box at any LV store.
  6. thank you! you guys are great!
  7. i dont think theres anything wrong with asking for the box. you want it, you should get it.
  8. Yeah..since you payed for the purse you deserve to get the box ;)
  9. I'm pretty sure you can. The boxes are so nice, and so convenient for storage purposes!
  10. should i bring what i bought with me, or just the receipt?
  11. just bring your receipt and talk to your original SA and ask when the box will be available and if you can pick up when its available.

    i love the boxes also!
  12. ITA!
  13. just arrived back from LV. they gave me a HUGE box.

    they were a bit hesitant at first, saying that they are low on boxes at the moment (across australia)..

    but i kinda forced her to give me one. hahahaha... they couldnt find the right size for my taiga andrei so they gave me a bigger box