LV Boutique at Tysons Corner Bloomingdales?

  1. Does the Bloomies at Tysons Corner have an LV Boutique? If so, can I use my Bloomingdale "Insider Coupons" there? Hoping the answer to both questions :confused1: is yes....
  2. Tysons or Tysons Galleria?? The only LV stores around that area are Tysons Galleria Neiman Marcus, and Fairfax Square. I pretty sure you cant use your coupons at Bloomingdales. It usually says what you cant use it for in tiny print at the bottom
  3. Thanks for the information. Either Tysons or Tysons Galleria would be okay. I get the two mixed up all the time since I rarely every go out in that direction.

    I have about $750 in Bloomingdale's coupons to use and was hoping to apply them toward a new LV bag. Oh well.
  4. No, none of the area Bloomies have LV... sad, but true! There is a store in Fairfax (near Tyons, next to Tiffany and Hermes) as well as inside Neiman Marcus. Or if you venture into Bethesda, there is one on the new strip with Gucci, Jimmy Choo as well as one inside of Sak's. Good luck!

    The Chevy Chase LV is my fave -- I have a great SA there!

  5. If you don't mind me asking... Who is your SA? I also utilize the C.C. LV (and Gucci, and RL, and Bvlgari, and Barneys right around there lol), but I do not have a "SA designate". I was to learn they have a Japanese-speaking SA when I went in one day.
  6. Bloomies in the DC area does not sell LV. If you are able to get to NYC, the Bloomies there does.
  7. anyone knows what's the pros/cons of buying from either Neiman or Bloomie v. from the LV store (besides the SA experience)