LV Beach Towel

  1. LV Beach Towel featured on pg 91 June Oprah magazine


    Sorry - I haven't figured out the scanner so I can't post a pic.
    And moderators - please forgive if this is in the wrong place.
  2. what does it look like Lv have quite a few towels out at the minute very cute I saw a few of them today
  3. Was off trying to make the scanner work....I surrender.

    It's white with multi color LV "flowers" The towel is folded but there's a hint that the flowers form LV logo.
  4. As much as I would like to have one, I cannot see paying that much for a towel. I mean what is the difference between a LV and a $40 one from Tommy Bahama?
  5. I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:drool:
  6. It looks sooo cute and awesome!!!! :drool:
  7. Ooh beach towel. Awesome. Another thing for my wishlist!
  8. I agree...the article was about luxury. I'd treat myself - when I move to the luxury condo with the pool. :yes:
  9. ooh that one is really cute frandole I think it's called
  10. I know the towel you're talking about, it's so pretty!