LV Bags Lose Shape So Easily

  1. Most of my LV bags have lost their shape after like, a month of being used. My Abbesses Messenger doesn't even look like a messenger bag anymore. The sides and the back of the bag look so weird now. And everytime I put my bag down on the table, the back of the Abbesses "sinks" inside 'cos it's just too soft now. It wasn't that soft before.

    Any other LV bags like this? :confused1:
  2. Can you post pictures?
    I personally like the bags to become softer..
  3. Yeah but it's like.. "Too" soft now. I didn't know the bags became softer as they are used.
  4. Yes, they become softer from use and for me, that is part of the charm, together with the patina they really become my bags over the time, do not know how to describe that properly. If you post pics we could probably tell if it looks "too" soft.
  5. Ok, I'll take some pics of it now. I have another problem with my Monogram Groom collection. The paint seems to be coming off. I'm starting to think LV is losing its quality.
  6. the groom, cherry, mc and such lines will peels off over time. its only silk screened on. Like any product that is used over time it wears, in this case the paint wears first.
  7. I've reprinted a couple of your earlier posts and have to ask where are you buying your bags from? If they are not authentic LV bags, I'm not surprised you are having difficulty with the quality. If they are actually purchased from the Louis Vuitton boutique I would take them back there and ask about the problems you are having. However your first post was complaining that your bag was too hard and not like the bags in the boutique. Your second post talked a small store you found that sold Louis Vuitton (when there are no other stores except LV boutiques - both stand alones and some in very select high end department stores like Nieman Marcus). So, anyway, I'm really confused. Let us know where you purchased your bags and perhaps we can help.

    Here's your earlier posts:

    Finally bought my first LV messenger bag!! It's a beautiful PM Bosphore and I think it's absolutely amazing! Very handy and practical! However, the leather of my new bag is kinda hard and not as soft and shiny as the ones displayed in the Louis Vuitton store. Mine looks a bit dull compared to the really shiny ones in the shop. What does this mean? Sorry I'm just wonderin


    I was passing by Crescent Avenue this morning and there was a small store that sold new kinds of Louis Vuitton bags. I was going to buy it, but I wasn't sure if it's a fake or not. The bags are typical monogram canvas, but gold and silver stripes are painted at the sides and there's a multi-colored scarf tied around a loop at the front of the bag. It looks real classy and I wanna buy it for my girlfriend for Valentine's. Has anyone heard of this bag before?? I'm gonna try and take a pic of it tomorrow. The store owner said its the new "Glamour" Collection.
  8. I buy all my bags at the LV Boutique in The Emporium Mall. I dont believe in buying FAKES. That store I discovered sold fakes so I didnt buy any items there. All my LV items are REAL but they seem to be very problematic for me, i dont know why.
  9. I would definitely take your bags back to the boutique then and see if they can help you. Especially since it sounds like you just bought the one that is losing it's shape. When did you buy your groom items? I haven't had any problems with mine, but they are silk screened so they will have a tendency to chip if they are used a lot unfortunately. Sorry you're having problems. Bags do get softer - which I really like. Originally you said yours was too stiff; I guess it can be hard to find a happy medium.

    I'd definitely go into the store and see if they can help you - especially since you've bought lots there - they should be very willing to help.

    Plus, if you just bought your messenger bag, per your post, on or around February 1st, you're still within the 14 day period where you can exchange it - maybe pick something that won't soften so much. Good luck - I hope you can pick something different that is just great!
  10. I likethat they get softer, especially on the speedy's
  11. I'm surprised it would get that soft in only 5 days, especially if it was so hard on February 1. I love that they get soft too though - so I totally agree!

    I just bought a new wallet and I can't wait until it softens up!
  12. My epi agenda still hasen't softened up and it's soon getting at its second year. Epi keeps its shape better it seems.
  13. I don't like squishy bags, either....I try and chose more stuctured bags, sometimes ins hard, but with vuitton, you basically know if it;s not tructured it will grow softer with use. I really liked the stephen, but when I examined it I could tell it would become very soft and squishy, so I decided against it.
  14. I absolutely agree! I love it when the bags soften instead of remaining hardy.
    That also means you've spent your money well, knowing that you've actually been using them, isn't it?
  15. I never had bags that soften to the point of loosing its shape. Even my speedy which is known to be saggy bag does not loose its shape especially after a short period of usage. Definitely take it to the boutique to inquire about this problem.