LV Bags and Snow

  1. do you girls carry your lv bags when it's snowing outside? does it get damaged? i'm planning a trip to new york soon, and i'm wondering if i should leave my bags at home or take them with me. :shrugs: TIA!
  2. The canvas should be fine, but the vachetta might get a bunch of water spots all over you have anything in damier?
  3. It will be alright.
  4. Spray the vachetta with Apple Garde Stain & Rain Repellent (or a stain guard of your choice) and enjoy your bag in the snow! It should be alright. That stuff really works ;)
  5. thanks everyone!
  6. And have fun!
  7. I'm jealous! I want to go to New York. Have a wonderful time!
  8. I took mine too Italy and Austria in a Ski resort, would never do it again, they come back looking like snowmen and soaking wet :sad:
  9. take some damier and mono pieces with you. honestly i think we are going to have a mild winter here in the northeast. if it happens to snow use damier if it doesnt use your mono. it doesnt snow all the time, well unless you're going to buffalo
  10. I live in Canada where it snows a lot, and my mono and now Damier are my staple snowy/rainy day pieces!
  11. i actually think LV mono and epi are the best leather for winter!
  12. Apple Guard em :smile:
  13. use another bag when it snowing a lot not worth wrecking the vachette just in case...I may take my speedy out but, not my LH...I hate H20 spots...
  14. I'm from New York and I've carried my mono and epi pieces in the winter, and in snow, and so have many others with real pieces (I'm disregarding anyone carrying fakes).
  15. It's fine as long as it's not the slushy type of snow. I've had no probs with the vachetta when it's in Mtl, it's like....-25C in the winter, so it's never the slushy type