LV at yorkdale (Holts)

  1. Hey Everyone~ So i purchased a speedy 30 (mono) the other day @ yorkdale (holts) and i asked the SA for a box and she told me that they don't give boxes for anything other than the smaller goods (i.e. wallets, agendas, etc.) Her reasoning was because the boutique is too small to store boxes. Then i proceeded to ask her if it was possible to call the other boutiques cause surely they must have extra boxes around, well, she replied none of the other stores will have them! is this a new thing that they are doing?i have a box from a previous purchase (which was 2 months ago), i think it's strange...
  2. no it is not.. in general i do not like the yorkdale LV at ALL. their customer service is not good at all compared to the one at bloor or the holts on bloor. That is jsut my personal opinion.. but they all seem to be dressed to casual for what they should be and they are not very eager to help.. I went in to ask about the Neverfull and they did not have it and i had to wait VERY long jsut to have my name written on the waiting list (good thing becasue i dont want that bag anymore) but then i went in again to ask about the noe and the SA was very UNHELPFUL and not very nice. So that is my experience there. and from then on my bf never lets me go there unless he is too lazy to drive to bloor. Otherwise.. you'll find that the bloor LV is WAY better : ) sorry for the long post .. i had to rant about their crappy service!!
  3. Actually I think there is some truth to her statement about the space. The LV where I am is just one counter and their stockroom is piled to the ceiling. Boxes are stacked so high they have to use a ladder to access them so they prefer to not have a lot of boxes on hand.

    However, the newer boxes come disassembled so not sure why they wouldn't give you one of those. They set up in seconds and can be stored flat.
  4. I got the same answer "no box" for neither my Ellipse nor my epi demi-lune pochette, not even a key & coin holder !!! Those were purchased back in 2001-03.:tdown: I should have to to Bloor store to get these & may get a box for each of those.

    Before, I thought that "oh they probably know that this is not a gift, so I can't get a gift box". But this shouldn't be that!

    Now, I was like owning 5 LV pieces but only having ONE small box for my Epi Billfold. :push: Last time, I got my Damier Chelsea from Paris. Too bad I couldn't ask for a box & bring back to Canada. Otherwise, I could have at least 1 bigger box.

    ADVICE: go to Bloor store & get your box!:supacool:
  5. the LV at yorkdale has the worst service ever.. all the SAs think they're doing you a favour when you're asking to look at something. I usually go with my mom and the service is so-so.. but recently i was there with some friends and i guess because of our age (late teens) they thought we were just gona browse so they totally ignored us.. my boyfriend got a tie and they basically had him wait at the counter for 10 mins before anyone came to serve him!!! im never shopping at that lv again.
  6. i recently had the worst serviceat yorkdale, i refuse to go and shop there again, i even called the manager to complain. i much prefer bloor st. boutique. service is waaay better.
  7. Ladies, the manager for Yorkdale and Bloor St. is the same person. I don't know if that's good or bad. :shrugs:
  8. reallY? the manager at the bloor street flagship boutique is a man i beieve, while the yorkdale manager is a female

  9. I'm not sure what's going on at either store. About 2 weeks ago, I saw the manager of the Bloor store, working at the Yorkdale store. I asked him if he had been 'transferred'. At that time, I was not aware that he was actually the Bloor manager (I found that out a short time later). Anyway, he laughed and was rather vague not saying that he had been transferred, but said something to the effect that he was there, now here and would perhaps be going back to Bloor...or not. Actually said something about maybe going back to the USA where he is from. Then, this week Bloor customer service (for whatever it's worth as I have received alot of very inacurate info from them lately) tells me that he's there to stay.
    So I don't know....he's an enigma to me!
  10. I have the card from the manager at Yorkdale, her name is Zohreh, I usually deal with her. I bought my Mirage speedy from her, (as well as other things). I really like the staff at Yorkdale, but they are not all that knowledgable (including the manager). I find they often don't know the name of the bags they are selling or what and when new things are coming in. It is funny that a store that is supposed to be selling luxury goods has staff that are so unfamiliar with their products. On a couple of occasions they have told me they don't have certain items and I have pressed further only to find that they do and no one has any idea they are in the basement or in a drawer. I have only shopped on Bloor a couple of times but I would imagine it is better.
  11. That sucks,they always give boxes at the montreal store

  12. Yeah, sadly, Sarah's right.
  13. Next time go to the Bloor Boutique instead.
    I usually work with Phi-tu and she's a complete sweetheart. I really wanted a box and we didn't have any and she told me that she will give me one next time. The next time she saw me while I was browsing around, I didn't even have to ask and she gave me a box! :tup:
  14. I saw the male manager - I guess he's Chinese, I heard him speaks Cantonese at the store. Anyway, I saw him at both the Bloor & Yorkdale stores. Probably he gets to visit different stores.
  15. Maybe if we are lucky he has been sent there to improve the store. :yes: