LV at School?


Should I carry my LV Messenger To School?

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  1. Do you think it would be ok for me to carry my Louis Vuitton Monogram Abbesses Messenger to my High School? I used it last year as my book bag when I was at a smaller private school, but I'm transferring to a MUCH bigger public school and am not sure if it would be stolen. I mean I live in North Dakota so its not like many people would know what it is.... but you never know. It would be with me all day. I am 15 and just entering my sophomore year. I know a lot of the people at my new school and they already know I have it because they have seen me with it. What would you do? PLEASE HELP!
  2. I'm not sure how your school works, but it would have been safe to bring it to my high school (except we weren't allowed non-school bags), because we always have the bag locked up in our lockers. Unless there is some point during the day where you have to leave the bag unattended and unsecured, then I would use the bag at school.
  3. Hmm.. I would be tempted to just leave it at home. I would worry alot considering you're going from private to public. I personally believe LV shouldn't be taken to school, JMHO.
  4. I considered if I should buy a Naviglio the other time,but I sat down and think for awhile. I realised that I won't really be using it much coz I dun bring it to sch.

    My sch is filled with mostly well-to-do they know their stuff. N I dun wanna create so much attention. And have to take care of it everytime...n i can't leave it aside to play basketball or something. seriously hav to consider if u want to bring it to sch
  5. in high school. no. this is a new school for you? well people are going to notice the new girl and since girls and boys in high school are immature you may be faced with some that will be jealous.

    why do you need to carry it to school anyway? i say leave it home and maybe carry it on a special day at school like your birthday or something like that. it is not worth going to school worrying about the safety of your bag.
  6. Starting a new school, I think you should leave it at home. It might be okay, but it could bring you additional problems and heart aches.
  7. it would be okay for me to bring it to my high school, it's a small private school as well with video surveillance and such, but if you're starting a new school, and don't know what to expect yet, perhaps start with a regular bag. then as you find out how the things are, whether people are trustworthy, if it's worth worrying about your bag, or if you'll have a safe place to put it, then go ahead and bring it at your discretion. :yes:

    however, I wouldn't be able to cope with a loss of LV that well. If I lost my bosphore PM at school, i'd be devastated. :shocked:
  8. I would do it. But I take my LV with me anywhere even to the gym and the like. If someone steals it I'm sure it would be covered by your insurance??
  9. I work at a public high school and would suggest not bringing it at first. As another person said, you are the "new kid." I don't suggest bringing too much attention to yourself by carrying that bag. I'd wait. Check the vibe of the school and the new friends you make. Kids can get very jealous and you may not even realize it; and they may want to ruin your bag.

    Ultimately, be cautious.
  10. I went to a private school and used LV. I don't think I would bring any LV to a public school. Check out your surroundings first:smile:
  11. not unless you whant to be known as the person with the LV bag...
  12. I say yes, but only after you got to know the people there. Some kids might have a wrong impression that you are a spoiled rich kid if they see you with it before they know you more :/
  13. I also think that you should wait a while and yes.. ppl might call you the "LV girl" if you bring it the first day.
  14. I'd have to say - no don't bring it. There are just some mean kids out there. If they are jealous or don't like you, they might just walk by with a pen/sharpie to mark up your bag and be like... OOPS. Especially in a public school, I would not risk it.
  15. And what's wrong with that? :p lol!