LV and other labels in HK

  1. This is to anyone from HK

    How much do bags cost over there (LV, Chanel or Dior)? I am going to HK next year (i cant wait!) and want to get a bag, wallet or pouch there if its cheaper.
  2. which bags in particular?
  3. In HK, there are quite a few boutiques that sell used bags for a pretty decent price. Do a search in the shopping section there are a couple of threads with names.
  4. I just came back from HK. The second hand stores are milan station, VIP station, italy station, france station... there are tons! but the biggest one is milan station. If you are looking for second hand shops, the best place to go is causewaybay which is on the HK island side. There are tons there :smile:
  5. If you want to buy LV first hand, you are better off buying it in Europe :smile:
  6. I don't think the designer bags at those second hand stores in Hong Kong are less expensive. Last year I went to the milan station located at casuseway bay, and checked out the price tag on an used Monogram Popincourt, it was like HKD 5500, (US$ 705). Hey you can get a new one from for $725.
  7. Yo.

    The second hand ones are (1) expensive and (2) susceptible to forgeries or horrific treatments

    The boutiques are I believe comparable to China's and China's prices for luxury items are outrageously high (compared to other Asian countries).

    I know Prada and DKNY are cheaper than in Korea and Singapore, but for LV, I'd imagine it's higher. Oh wait, the reason I'm saying Prada and DKNY are cheaper is cause I always go there when they have mega sales and I end up buying a luggage full of stuff for real cheap.

    LV never goes on sale (or not that I ever know of).
  8. for second hand it will be cheaper in HK
  9. For Second Hand Item I think it will be cheaper in HK .. but u have to be really careful when u are buying second hand in one of those stores. I heard so much fake stories ...