LV and Ford...never really thought they went together...

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  1. Omg. That is so tacky!:roflmfao:
  2. Ewwww!!! People who do that just need to be slapped. :bagslap:
  3. I wander if the half full bottle of Aquafina in the cup holder is included in the auction... if it is... COUNT ME IN! lol
  4. ACK~! :yucky: NO!:lecture:
  5. LOL at least he says it's real Louis Vuitton, except he calls it leather, when it is actually a canvas. Oh well.

  6. Maybe its a new service LV is doing... like the painted speedies and keepalls!:hrmm:
  7. No way man....LV with Ford is totally offline. That green is killing me..
  8. no way mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  9. Oh my..that's nasty!
  10. oh now that is nasty
  11. Blech, absolutely foul. Why would you do that to a car? LOL Even my friends who know next to nothing about Louis Vuitton know that LV don't make car interiors. :yucky::yucky::yucky:
  12. Klassy...
  13. lol. uhh was this on an episode of pimp my ride cause, seriously, who else would do this?? hahaha
  14. oh boy...I like the VW bug better anyway lol