LV Agendas

  1. I'd like to buy myself an agenda for Christmas, and the bulk of the ones I like happen to Louis Vuitton. So, I'm looking for a little feedback from those of you who are already owners...what style, size, color do you have? What refills/notes do you use? And, most any of them come with a pen?

    Thanks for any help you might give!
  2. I have the Damier Ebene PM with some LV inserts and hello kitty. It did not come with a pen. It works for me so far. I also put a zipped pocket into it to hold extra things.
  3. I have the Vernis Framboise PM and Damier Ebene PM. I purchased an LV Pen separately and use both LV and Hello Kitty inserts. Here are some pics of my Framboise agenda:
    IMG_0266.JPG IMG_0253.JPG IMG_0255.JPG IMG_0254.JPG
  4. I have a mandarin epi agenda pm. I often use it as a wallet as well. I purchased some inserts and refills from filofax.
  5. I have a blk MC agenda (pm) and use daytimer refills
  6. i have the pomme agenda Pm and looove it. I just buy the fillers from Staples and they fit well. I had a hard time fitting in a weekly one for the entire year but I managed! one of the best investments I've ever made.. i hope this agenda lasts me a lifetime cuz I don't want to buy another one. lol
  7. I have pm agendas that I use more like wallets, none of the agendas come with pens and you can use filofax inserts for them. That said, the agenda that I actually use as an AGENDA is my medium Damier agenda. This agenda has all my work life and then some in it. It's a good size if you are using for anything more than small personal things IMO. You can use filofax in the medium as well however I really do like the LV calender, it's like $35 a year, I think I try filofax every other year and don't like it as much. The bright side though is that all other filofax offerings are still wonderful and you can mix and match/pick and chose want you want, a lot will work with the basic style ring agenda the LV makes! The medium will fit a "regular" sized pen where the pm requires a slim wallet pen. I have a pen from Tiffany's in my pm agenda which cost about $90 (way less then the LV offering) but you can find some that fit for much less as well.
  8. I have a small ring epi Z agenda with filofax fillers and the pencil from a mini zebra set. I purchased a zipped pocket as well to hold address labels, stamps and a couple of emergency aspirin. It is handy to have but a tight fit somehow.
  9. I have the pm agenda in framboise vernis - I've had it a year and still absolutely love it. I use Filofax inserts for it, and have a pink LV nails pen that I purchased separately. The pm size works perfectly for me, as I rely on my outlook calendar for work and use my agenda for all my personal appts - if I used it for all my work appts it would not be big enuf.
  10. I have the Amarante agenda PM with filofax inserts. I got it a few weeks ago and I love it!
  11. I have the Groom agenda. It's so darn cute. I got cheapo refills from Staples as well and they fit just fine.
  12. I have the monogram vernis and monogram medium ring agendas. I buy filler paper from this little asian stores that sell cute stationary. Someone bought me a LV pen too but I rarely use it.
  13. I have the monogram koala agenda with the light pink interior. I bought a tiffany pen which fits perfectly and I use the LV inserts. I too tried the filofax ones, but I just love the gold edges on the LV ones. It's a little splurge that makes me smile.

    My daughter has the plain mono small agenda and loves hers too. She also gets the LV inserts - they're just nice. She has the blue Tiffany pen too.

    I was in my boutique the other day and they had the Koala one with the Mandarin orange interior - boiy that one's really pretty too!

    I also love the Pomme Vernis agenda - beautiful splash of color.
  14. I have the mono agenda pm from MOCA and I just love it! It didn't come with a pen but I already had one from a previous agenda, so it worked out. It's the perfect size to keep in my purse...I plan to get a Damier GM for my work stuff eventually.
  15. MC white PM agenda. Agendas don't come with pens...