LV Agenda fom Keeping up with the Kardashians

  1. I wasn't sure where to post this so mods if you need to move it somewhere else please do :smile:

    Did anyone see the last episode of keeping up with the kardashians? The mom was holding an LV Agenda, anyone know if it was the medium or large one? TIA!!!! Its been making me nuts, cause it looks like it could be the medium cause its not massive but it could be the large.... :confused1:
  2. No one? I can't be the only one that watches that horrible show HAHA!!!!! Jk I like it, its entertaining...
  3. I've missed last episode, but I'll be sure to watch a rerun now:smile: I like that show too, specially Kim's youngest sisters are so funny!
  4. ^ Watch it and tell me! LOL!
  5. The last episode... the one where Kim wants to fire her mom and has Khloe hint it to her mom? I watched it, but must have missed it. I gotta watch it again!
  6. ^ yeah thats the one, please watch it again! Its towards the beginning when kim and her mom get into a fight about kim not showing up to some appointment that her mom didn't remind her about :smile:
  7. Anyone? BUMP!
  8. didnt see the agenda but that show blows LOL. I will keep an eye out though.
  9. LOL thanks!