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May 14, 2016
Thought on the keepall 45 in monoglam collection? is it worth the price? will it last with the quality? The "plastic feel" is thick and seem very durable. I just received mine and debating if I should keep it or change it to the Macassar Monogram version. Thank you for your advices.
I saw it in person and love it. I like the thick material and coating as it gave the bag structure. Liking the leather bottom too. I vote keep.
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Nov 8, 2011
My Monoglam NF has arrived! Sharing my unboxing excitement here.
I opened the dust bag with some trepidation, not knowing if I would like the colour I received. Much to my relief, it is exactly the colour I was hoping for! One that is on the darker side, more blue than silver.
I bought a Keepall 25 as well. In case I did not like the Monoglam NF, I wanted to be sure I still have a new bag to enjoy over the weekend. It turns out I love them both, so I'm gonna keepall my purchases. I believe the Keepall 25 was from late last year's collection, I was lucky that there was one last piece still available online while I was browsing.
4-1.jpg 3-2.jpg
The rainbow effect, at least on my piece, is quite subtle. It's definitely not for glamorous settings only, it would be easy to carry it on casual occasions. The effect is most pronounced under direct sunlight, followed by indoor light, and least pronounced under shaded outdoor sunlight. Here's a photo where the right side of the bag is under a ray of sunlight and the left side is shaded. The other photo is under full direct sunlight.
3-3.jpg PXL_20230525_050035072.jpg
Close-up of the material. It is textured yet coated. You will not be able to feel the fabric at all, but you can feel the texture of the fabric over the coating. The material feels quite stiff, I can cinch the NF but not easily, it resists the bending. I do not feel comfortable leaving it cinched for too long. There are areas with more or less silver painted on, it isn't perfectly even, but it's not obvious to a casual observer.
PXL_20230525_052712858.jpg PXL_20230525_051140742.jpg
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