Luxury By Chanel Bronze/ Khaki Tote Bag in Deerskin... what do you think?


What do you think?

  1. Yummy color and style, best yet!

  2. Yummy color and style, but I like another color or style better...please name.

  3. Don't like color or style!

  4. Like color, just not style.

  5. Like style, would pick another color...please name.

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  1. Photos of a new shape and color by Chanel... what do we think?
    Square Chanel 1.jpg

    Square Chanel 2.jpg

    Square Chanel 3.jpg

    Square Chanel 4.jpg

    Square Chanel 6.jpg

    Square Chanel 5.jpg

    Square Chanel 7.jpg

    Square Chanel 8.jpg

    Square Chanel 9.jpg

    Square Chanel 10.jpg
  2. Square Chanel 11.jpg

    Square Chanel 12.jpg

    Square Chanel 13.jpg

    Square Chanel 14.jpg

    Square Chanel 15.jpg

    Square Chanel 16.jpg

    Square Chanel 23.jpg

    Square Chanel 24.jpg

    Square Chanel 25.jpg

    Square Chanel 26.jpg
  3. Square Chanel 28.jpg

    Square Chanel 29.jpg

    Square Chanel 30.jpg

    Square Chanel 31.jpg
  4. Like style, would pick another color...please name.

    i'm just going to say it: BLACK! hehehehe!
  5. The original Luxury Bowler in Goatskin metallic Black.
  6. Sorry, me again. Just wanted to add the bowler in Goatskin Metallic Gold is yummier too!
  7. Metallic Gold was recalled... so no votes for metallic gold please. Not an option. haha But I do like the black too.

    Is this style too boxy?
  8. I think it may look a bit too boxy.
  9. I have the bowler in this color, which I love. This style looks a little boxy IMO.
  10. This style isn't speaking to feels too square. I like slouchy bags.
  11. This looks very different from the ad/campaign photos. I prefer the Bowler shape to this one.
  12. I like the shape, not the color.
  13. I've called Chanel and was told that this tote is 15 x 15. Is that correct? I just purchased the bronze flap and it just isn't big enough for me so I'm gonna have to upgrade. Any help with the measurements on this would really be appreciated. Thanks!!
  14. I waited weeks for this bag and my SA finally called Labor Day weekend and I went to see it. I decided against it because it was too snug on the shoulder and too close to my Brown Birkin for my DH not to make a big deal since he bought me the Birkin for our Anniversary in November. He felt I would use that bag more and neglect his. He knows me so well. hehehe Not that I do not LOVE my Birkin but I LOVE Chanel just as much!
  15. ALLinTHEbag...approximately how big was the bag...measurements...any idea? LOL!
    You said it isn't a good shoulder bag? The SA I spoke to said it would I wonder if we were talking about the same bag??