Luxury Bowler Bag

  1. Does anyone know if the Luxury Bowler bag is still stocked in Chanel Stores?
  2. which size? which color?
  3. I want to know too! Any in metallic black or dark silver??? Med size?

    TIA... :flowers:
  4. I'm also looking for this bag, but after reading on this forum it became clear to me, that this purse is no longer available. Your best bet is on eBay.
    Goodluck finding one!
  5. only the patent one is available
  6. hi, any idea what's the metallic black bowler was retail for? Thanks!
  7. ^^ $2160, I believe.
  8. The black patent LBC bowler is still available
  9. is the patent one out in the states yet? they're not here in toronto :sad:
  10. yes, it is.