Lunch Ideas

  1. I did a search and couldn't find and threads on lunch time ideas

    I am so sick of sandwichs it seems to be all you can buy for your lunch I'm going to start taking my own lunches but thought it would be helpful for everyone if people could share some of their favourite "packed lunches"

    anyone want to get the ball rolling?
  2. Some of my ideas require a microwave. Do you have one at work?
  3. :yes:
  4. Sometimes I take salads, make them the night before and put in a tupperware like container. Chicken, vegetables, etc. Pretty yummy.
  5. I stick with cheese and proteins. Too much lunch = bloated and sleepy pursegrrl, LOL.

    I tend to bring sliced cheese or salami in tupperware or just go to a deli and grab some. Every once in awhile I'll get a caesar salad.

    I refuse to spend a ton of $$ on lunch. For years I worked on the campus of a large software development company around here which had a subsidized cafeteria so I could get lunch for a mere $3-4 at most. Obviously that's not how it is in the real world so I've made my adjustments since then.
  6. My lunches aren't terribly exciting, but I do actually enjoy them. I either eat two tablespoons of peanut butter with some Wheat Thins and a piece of fruit or yogurt or I eat a hard-boiled egg with some veggies (tomatoes or carrots usually) and blue cheese dressing and a two pieces of bread.

    On my lucky days I have a leftover piece of pizza!
  7. I sometimes pack pita bread along with hummus and babagannoush. No need to microwave, low fat, healthy, and delicious.
  8. I like bringing those pre-made salads with chicken and fetta cheese...a low- fat yogurt and or a piece of fruit like an apple or a peach....and I always..ALWAYS...drink sodas or anything else!
  9. some things that are easy to take along:
    * veggies with dip or hummus
    * pita with hummus
    * wraps (a different take on a sandwich might be less boring)
    * salad with dressing on the side
    * soup (in a thermos)
    * homemade burritos (just keep them in the fridge and then microwave)
    * apples with cheddar cheese
    * rice cakes, granola bars, fruit, etc. are easy to grab as sides
  10. cold salads like pasta, potato, macaroni, slaws, chicken, ham, egg, etc etc etc. you can order almost any of those things at a supermarket deli. i agree on the slices of meat/cheese from the deli sans bread, cuz sandwiches get old fast, but you can try different kinds of meats that way, by ordering just a few slices. cashews, crunchy granola bars, nutrigrain bars, yogurts, fruit, pasta salad, potato salad, and lots of Dasani Lemon water are things on my list.

    walking through your supermarket you can definately create all kinds of options for yourself.

    if you enjoy pasta salad, choose a few salad dressings that you like, or make your own. (creamy ceasar and feta vinegrette are my faves). precook however much pasta you will need for however many different servings you'd like to make, and store it in your fridge cold. (penne is my fave but anything easily stabbed with a fork will do wonders, pick ur fave!)

    you can take a single portion of the cold noodles (if they stick run them under water and gently break them apart and drain before making salad) and stick it in a bowl. add any cheeses (cubed or shredded work best, and don't forget goat cheese, parm, feta, etc etc), meats (rolled up deli meats that have been sliced into little strips, halfed pepperoni, chunks of chicken), and any veggies and other additives, such as cucumbers, tomatos, olives, carrots, peppers, and anything else you like chopped however you please. mix it up with dressing and you have your very own pasta salads, that can be different every time.

    there is a "sezchwan chicken pasta salad" at my work, that has onions scallions peppers and things, flat noodles that resembled fettucini but were obiously not :p and a sesame garlic ginger dressing... it was a cold salad but smelled and looked DELISH! there are a million creative options for you. salads are more than meets the eye, and they're good for you.

    i blabbed about pasta salad cuz it's easiest and most versitile, and time saving while at work. soups, slaws, trail mixes, and parfaits are also great on the go. Crostinis and whipped cream cheese (in a little container until lunch so ur crostinis dont get soggy) that you could slap in a food processor with stuff like... white wine and lemon, and maybe dill.... or something like that, for a nice canape spread... accompanied by something like mmmmm smoked salmon, which you can sometimes get nice and cheap at the supermarket by getting salmon "bits" which are the ends of the smoked salmon some places package fresh in store. ooo i could go on so let's just say this.

    i'm a culinary kid. wanna talk food? pm me lol
  11. I usually bring boneless chicken breasts, veggies and rice. Sometimes I'll switch the chicken for pork chops or breaded meat, and pasta. When I'm in a hurry I just pack up a can of tuna and saltines.
  12. In a rush, I'll get the rotisserie chicken, pita bread, and salad mix. Use these to make pita sandwiches and I'll have a healthy lunch for almost a week!
  13. Great thread... i need to stop eating lunch out so much. I bet I could save a ton of $$$
  14. Do you get a whole ready-made rotisserie chicken and bring it home and cut it up?
  15. i luv cheese and salami. such a great snack.