Luisaviaroma-Your experiences with this vendor.....

  1. As Luisaviaroma sells a number of Chloe bags, I was just wondering if any of you have had any experiences with them. Are they legit/authentic? How is the service, delivery, returns????? Would appreciate any feedback you can give.

  2. I bought a Chloe in blanc from LVR back in June. I have to say I was pleased with my experience. The bag was delivered extremely quickly via fedex, beautifully wrapped in a box with tissue and ribbon. There was a tag on the bag which had to be left on if the bag was returned - extra reassurance so th bag isn't switched! The only problem I had was the key didn't fit in the padlock. Christina phoned me to ask if I was happy with the bag and I mentioned the key didn't fit. She arranged for fedex to pick up the key and lock and then sent a set that worked back to me within a few days - and then phoned to check all was OK. Overall I was really pleased and I saved nearly £300 off of the netaporter price even with postage. Yep - I would definitely recommend :tup:
  3. Yup their definitely selling authentic stuff:yes: I've bought my taupe paddy and my mom bought b-bag from them and on both times everything went perfectly!
  4. i have not yet heard anything bad about them!
  5. Thanks so much everyone! They are less expensive on almost everything, so I was a little bit leery, but you eased my apprehensions.......
  6. Wait - there are issues with customs charges that I am not too clear on. It depends where you live. Hundreds of dollars can be added to your purchase with duty fees if you are in the states. I don't know how to tell you to check out the potential hurdles???
  7. Very very fast delivery to Europe, including the UK, but frequently give you no idea that the item has been shipped, or else not until after you receive it.

    Deny knowledge of when pre-order items will be in stock, which is odd when you find they have been shipped the same day they said this and arrive on your doorstep early the next morning.

    Excellent prices for Europeans so long as you don't mind the surprise element!
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  9. Have only bought from them once, but all went well. I do know that someone had an issue with a Chloe Ollie. It was old/faded, like it had sat around for awhile. Generally, though, it's possibly to save money by using them.
  10. On the other hand, I recently bought an Ollie that must have been there ages. It was reduced by 70% and was in superb condition. Bought at 3.00pm one day, appeared in the UK at 9.30am the next morning.
  11. I got my Chloe side pocket paddington from them at 70% off and it was authentic. I ordered on a Monday and had it by Friday and I'm in California. I did get a delay due to customs and had to fill out a vendor form for Fedex. Fedex paid my customs fees and then billed me. I did pay a 3% fee on my credit card for an international purchase but with customs and the credit card fee I got a great deal - I think my total was $565. I would buy from them again.
  12. I bought the beautiful Large Black Ollie from this company just a few weeks ago and it arrived by FedX within 16 hours. That was from them to me here in Kent. It was packed well, and came in a sturdy navy blue box.
    I also got it for the bargain price of 319.00 Euros including the shipping which to me is fabby as NAP want over £500.00
    You really cant go wrong with this company. Ive ordered a number of other items from them and had the same service since.
  13. they sell authentic stuff . I have bought an authentic baby paddy in muscade last year.
  14. They sell authentic, I've gotten a Burberry trench from them for under $400, super good price. But I did have a canceled Chloe order from them before. Their payment method is not the most convinient.
  15. Please post the contact information...I would be interested in viewing their items....Thanks