Luggage Handles

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  1. Need help . Can't help but notice the handle length between Micro and Mini. Micro handles seems a lil longer than the Mini. I thought the Mini shd have longer handles ?? I'm new to Celine so I'm not too familiar. I wld prefer a longer handle , the mini is a nice size. I'm only 5'4.
    I know it depends on the individual's build , but some handle look shorter /longer . So I'm confused.
  2. Hi there! Welcome :smile: I believe the drop on the micro and mini is exactly the same.

    You might have seen the original season 'small' size luggage, which had a larger capacity than the mini, I think, but only wrist-sized handles. I know there are some good comparison photos on the forum - perhaps try the Celine reference thread?
  3. The shoulder luggage has the lobger handles, the bag is a little bit bigger than the mini. Micros handles are a little longer than typical mini, from what I have seen and tried on. But if you are looking for longer handles, look at the shoulder luggage.
  4. Thks gals. The shoulder is rather big for me . I like the Micro size very much. Another thing is....will the handles stretch over a period of time if I carry alot of items ? Example , an Ipad , wallet , hp , camera , cosmetic , ect...