Ludlow wallet

  1. Anyone have this? Does it fit bills in it or is it kind of useless? I want a cute little wallet, I have no idea if I want mono, epi or vernis. I have a porte tresor mono and sometimes it's too big and heavy for my little bags. I just don't want to spend a fortune on it but it would sure be handy to be able to fit bills, cc and change. Any thoughts?
  2. I personally think it's useless. It really doesn't hold much more than a cles, in my opinion. It holds a few CCs or IDs and there's a separate snapped coin or bill area. If you put bills in the Ludlow, you will have to fold them in half or possibly quartered because it's so small. I have had two Ludlows (mono and Vernis) and sold them both. HTH!
  3. good to know, thanks.
  4. I wouldn't dismiss the Ludlow right away because of its size. I use it in conjunction with my cles, and it serves me well.

    I have about 6 cards (2 from each slot) stored at the interior of the ludlow and about another 2 frequent-buyer cards plus a few folded up bills in the coin pocket. I hardly use cash so it works for me. If you're the same, then the ludlow may work for you as a wallet. It all depends on your use.

    Here's a pic:

  5. I've gone back and forth with this one too....I think it could work like bluekit states above....I always have a pochette cles on my keys so I've used a pocket organizer and carnet de bal for cards and a couple of bills, they work great and are even less expensive......My favorite right now for a smaller but not tiny wallet is the smaller Koala wallet, I got in LV Hawaii last November, I think it's just Koala pm can't remember though, it works well in my large bags and my tiny ones...
  6. Great thread..I am considering to get one as wallet when I carry pochette. At the moment I use cles, it works perfectly. I am kind of in love with vernis ludlow at the moment.
  7. I've always loved the vernis ludlow, actually went to buy it a couple of times....the SA's usually talk me out of it because the vernis is sooooo stiff it's hard to fit much in it, they always say the canvas ones are better but I don't want a regular canvas one so I move onto something else.....I want to see some new vernis colors though, I like the pearl but I'm not in love with any "colors" right now...
  8. As I've said before (probably in that topic Ayla reposted), I have the Bronze Vernis and I really only use it when I use my pochettes. It's very small and only fits a couple of cards and a little cash. You can't overstuff the card area because if you do, it won't snap right. Also, you can't carry change in it, so you also have to carry a change purse. It's kind of a hassle, hence the reason I barely ever use it..when I do need a smaller wallet, I either use the monogram billfold or my Dior Girly billfold. They hold a lot more and are just as compact as the Ludlow.
  9. I have this one in the Vernis Beige and it's a beautiful piece but I find that it doesn't work for everyday use. I am now looking at the French Purse in the LV Mono. I find that the Ludlow is quite small and with the vernis, you have to be more careful with it (not as sturdy as the canvas wallets). Recently I purchased the LV Mono Med. Agenda and I have been using this to temporarily replace the wallet (until I decide on a new one!). Oh and one more comment, I had been using a separate card holder and coin purse when using this wallet which is a pain in the butt. I hope this helps! Good Luck with your decision!