Luba J Gecko

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  1. I'm afraid I always seem to be a season or two behind. This usually means I can't find what I want when I want it. That's what's happened with this particular bag, the Luba J Gecko. I see it's available on sale at Pink Mascara for $319 in coffee, but as I have so many brown bags, I'm reluctant to go for it. I'm not sure about the cognac (JC Madison for $312.50) but I would love it in merlot if I could find it. Has anyone seen it in merlot anywhere? Do you have this bag and do you love it?
    Luba J Gecko - Coffee.jpg
  2. Here it is in merlot. I do love the coffee color, but this merlot would be so unique, and just imagine the same color shoes to match? I think it would be quite stunning.
    Luba J Gecko - Merlot.jpg
  3. Great bag! Don't worry, I'm always behind in seasons too. Just keep checking eBay and you might find one. That's what I do. ;)
  4. Thanks LadyV, I have it set up in my eBay search, so hopefully one won't slip away if it appears on eBay.
  5. No problem! Good luck in your search! :smile:
  6. Hey, Mini! We must have the absolute same taste in bags! I posted about that bag about a year ago on some thread, in that merlot color, and maybe last year it was called a different color....can't remember! But I thought that bag was just fabulous, and I seem to remember that right around the holidays on Luna Boston, it went on sale for a week or so, and it was only in the low $200's. If you intend on pursuing that one, let me know how you like it. I still love it, and I forgot all about it.....until now.........hmmmmmm....
  7. Rose, that is so funny. I searched the threads, but couldn't find anything, so I must have missed your posting somewhere. I actually really like the coffee color Gecko, but I need another brown bag like a hole in the head! I think I could persuade hubby if I found a merlot one though, as I don't have that color. It looks like such a quirky and fun bag. Best not ask Lexie what she did when I posted this thread! She is soooooo bad.
  8. Check Feng Junk; I think they had it in a reddish color.
  9. Mini....I would absolutely love to see that bag in person. Quirky is exactly how I would describe it. It certainly isn't a classic style, but it really is compelling, though! I just remembered that it was on my Christmas list last year, but I didn't get it.
  10. What do you mean don't ask what I did. Certainly you know what I did! I bought the Rose one (last one at JCmadison) for a cool 250 after using a 20% off code. And it's all Mini's fault. I never even liked the bag when she showed me and then it started to haunt me!

    I just checked Feng Junk. They have a cognac and an eggplant for 360. JCM still has a cognac in stock. The code I used was GRECHEN.

    Now stop it Mini. You are not allowed to send me emails with pretty bags in them, Not even ugly ones because I'll end up liking them. So, now I just want to make it clear that this is ALL Mini's fault. So There! :p
  11. Lexie, you are amazing, you always manage to find a great bargain. So when are you expecting this package to arrive? I am sorely tempted to get one myself, but still wish I could find my first coice color (merlot) but it seems to be a rare beast indeed.
  12. Thanks LadyV, I'll e-mail them and see what they say. A red bag would be a great addition to my regular colored collection.
  13. I think that is a very cool bag, even though I have vague memories of it being about $100 cheaper last year.
  14. I too have been eyeing this bag for months and have never seen it IRL. So, when you get your bag, could you pleeze do us all a favor and give us a full blown report on the beauty and post pics as well....esp. carrying it? Thanks SO much!