LSS Seattle Outlet

  1. Does anyone know what tokis they have left and if they're also on 40% off? Thanks!
  2. They should be. You should call. They don't have as much as SH, but they do have a good selection of Adios Star and Pirata if I can remember correctly.
  3. Okay, thanks! Looking for a paradiso MM BV or Ciao...
  4. My friend went up today (Thursday). She said they only had Adios Star.
  5. Oh, okay... thanks! I called and the girl said that they should have some stocks in soon.
  6. Do you know of what print they're going to get? Thanks..:tup:
  7. Don't know...I stopped ordering from Seattle when they stopped helping with print placement.
  8. They are getting more Paradiso??? Really What about Inferno? Hmmm...They didn't have much of anything last week, Portas, Nuvolas, Luna and Trenini. I think they had a few of that in Inferno too.
  9. I know they only have inferno luna & bocce & bambino left last week.
  10. I just ordered the last Mama Mia in the adios star and denaro from the seattle outlet.

    I was told that the spagia print will be coming soon so keep checking
  11. does anyone know if seattle has notte zucca? :[
  12. I don't remember seeing anything in Notte there, just Fumo and Bianco.
    The Macy's in downtown Seattle and the Northgate Macy's each had one Notte Zucca as of last night - maybe you can order directly from the store?
  13. eh.. lots of stores won't ship to hawaii now. If anything I have to go on LJ to ask someone to help me do it as a favor. >< I was just asking since I have a friend that could maybe help me ship it here.

    Do you know if it was on sale? :/
  14. Sorry, still full price.