Love these new COACH satchels -

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  1. do you guys think any of these will ever show up at one of the COACH outlet stores? can't get myself to spend $700 a piece for these no matter how much I love them...

    I think I need to join a support group.:wacko:
  2. I really want the daphne satchel too. (I actually asked wickenassin in another thread if she saw these in the outlet) But that price is crazy for a coach bag, isn't it?
  3. I was at Woodbury Commons Outlet in upstate NY today and I didn't see them have those satchels.
  4. Yes, that is my dilemma. (sic?) For a few bucks more, I could get a nice LV not made in China!
  5. Maybe it'll hit the outlet the end of this year perhaps? I'm waiting on those too! lol
  6. I see you live in California too. I go to the Desert Premium Outlet in Cabazon near Palm Springs. Which outlet do you visit?
  7. Yes, I go to that one. :biggrin: Planning to go there in 2 wks. Did you go recently? Any good stuff there?
  8. i love these, especially the dark brown one...
  9. Yup. It seems everything hits the outlets sooner or later, even if it's a limited edition line.
  10. Haven't been in a while. Planning a trip soon!
  11. i really like this one:

  12. I LOVE that one blackbutterfly!!!
  13. I really love pics of bags on a person. It gives an added dimension to the bag itself, and that one is gorgeous.
  14. Niiiiiiiiice!
  15. I really like the Daphne satchels, but I really just can't justify the price tag. Like my mom says, why don't you just buy a Louis Vuitton then !
Thread Status:
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