Love scarf or Monogram groom scarf?


Which scarf is cuter for my bags?

  1. Love Scarf

  2. Monogram Groom

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  1. I'm thinking of getting a scarf to dress up my speedys. I have a mini lin in ebene, mono speedy 25, and damier canvas 30, and also a epi petite noe in red. Which is cuter, the love scarf or monogram groom?
  2. Definitely the LVOE...I'm not into the groom at all.
  3. get the lvoe.
  4. i just got the LVOE one today, and i love it. it will go with everything because it's such a neutral, watered-down color. the Groom one might set you back a little bit because of the red
  5. I think they're both cute... I really like the groom, though, because it seems more versatile to me- the red is a really nice pop of color, IMO. That said, I still think the LVoe is great, so I'm not putting that down-- just if you have to choose...
  6. I LVoe the love :heart:scarf!
  7. Monogram Groom.
  8. I have and love both but I'd get the LVOE one if you want it to go with more pieces. (Though I really like the stripe on the Groom one!)
  9. Although I don't care for the groom wallets and such, I do like that scarf. It's a much richer look than the LVove.
  10. LVOE. I like groom better on the Cles and Rond.
  11. I have the groom scarf but I have to say I'm liking them both!
  12. Very hard choice but I picked the LVOE scarf.
  13. I would get the LVoe scarf. The groom is cute too but it's a lot for a cotton bandeau.
  14. I think you should go for the Groom before it runs out...
  15. I like both, but I would go for the groom. You can use it as a drawstring with your red epi petite noe- I love that look.